Your Curated Father's Day Gift Guide

June 07, 2019

Here at Urban EDC Supply we have the gear your need for all the dads! From the camping dads and fishing dads, to the corporate dads and urban exploring dads, we have all your bases covered. Read below to curate the perfect carry for the Dad in your life this holiday.

We know that all Dads are unique, so mix and match different pieces to create the perfect kit for the OG man in your life.

The Knife:

The Baby Barlow is a modern take on a traditional slip joint knife. Therefore, it packs a sturdy punch in an unassuming from. This compact and discrete front flipper features a clip point blade and sturdy liner lock – allowing your corporate Pops to snap the tag off his new suit or cut up that contract that just isn’t going to cut it.

This stout and strong fixed blade by our friends at Scheepers is the perfect companion for your hike or camping trip. It’s satin black cerakote makes it ultra-durable while the 4mm thick Nitro V stainless steel (60-61 HRC) will stay sharp for a long time as you battle your way through the elements.

The Chaves Ultramar stands out from a crowd – from its patina’d and/or lasered inlay, to its skull clip. This knife is made to be useful, as well as a fashion statement. The drop point blade excels at slicing and cutting, while the brass inlay will patina over time, showing use patterns and age.   

Father's Day Gift GuidePictured: Corporate Dad Curated Carry (The Lundquist Baby Barlow (Urban Series), Muyshondt Maus Mk.I - Bead Blasted Titanium (Exclusive), Craighill Helix Keyring, Schon DSGN Pen with Clip)         

The Flashlight:

Your office-bound dad doesn’t need to weigh his pockets down with a heavy torch – let’s face it, those harsh LEDs are doing the trick. However, he loves to be prepared for the occasional power-outage or being able to find his way back home at night. That is where the keychain carried Muyshondt Maus, that will boast up to 60 lumens comes into play.

The Preon P1 is a small but mighty AAA flashlight. Pumping out up to 100 lumens, and boasting options such as SOS, Strobe and Beacon modes, your outdoorsy Pops will be able to find his way home, or signal for help (or more snacks) while braving the wilderness, without weighing down his pack. 

The Reylight pineapple flashlight is named for the unique knurling that is machined on the body mimicking the outside of a pineapple. This light is meant for tinkering, as you can add tritium tubes (sold separately) and customize the output my changing the batteries! Between the customization potential and the 470-lumen capability of this light, the rad dad will have an epic time showing all his friends how cool his new toy is.                 

Father's Day Gift GuidePictured: Outdoorsy Dad Curated Carry (Scheepers Cera - Nitro V, Foursevens Preon P1 Mk. III, Cha-O-Ha Cyclist Card System – Black DLC (Exclusive), Slughaus Nano Pen)                                 

The Keychain/Multi-Tool

No need for the corporate dad’s keychain to double as a tool. With the Baby Barlow in his pocket, he is already setup to vanquish all tasks. However, he wants to keep his keys and flashlight on something super sleek, and that is where the Craighill Helix Keychain comes in. This uniquely shaped keychain elevates his entire carry while neatly organizing his keys.

The wilderness Papa loves to be on the move, and sometimes that requires a bicycle. That is precisely why this dad carries the Cha-O-Ha Cyclist card with him when he rides. This all in one S35vn tool fits in his wallet and performs 43+ functions to handle any fix or adjustment that comes his way while he is out for a spin.

The rad dad can never have too many tools. That’s where the Avis-Pry from Tactical & Portable fits nicely into his carry. Backing up his primary blade, but easily replaceable (can be filled with any hardware store utility blade), the Avis-Pry is great for the mundane tasks of opening mail and boxes, without gunking up his primary knife with residue. Additionally, it sports a pry bar and bottle opener to get work done and celebrate life’s victories.

Father's Day Gift GuidePictured: Rad Dad Curated Carry (Chaves Knives Ultramar Redencion Drop Point, Reylight Pineapple Flashlight - Brass, T&P Avis-Pry Blue Titanium Tool Companion, Tactile Turn Slider/Glider Pen) 

The Pen:

The Schon DSGNS Pen with a clip fits right in the corporate dad’s jacket pocket, adding a bit of flair to his outfit as well as his bottom line. This pen features a Fisher Space Pen Pressurized Cartridge, meaning he can sign those papers whenever, and wherever the time goes. Not to mention, that the various material types help to match his style.

The lumberjack father needs not write a novel, but just jot down some notes or use his pen as a defense tool when necessary. That is why he carries the Slughaus Nano Pen. This small pen doesn’t weigh down the rucksack and can even double as a zipper pull! The titanium carbide insert and ink reservoir allow for easy writing, as well as scoring, slicing, and poking if the need arises. Plus, they are non-refillable and come in 3-packs, so if one gets lost on the trail, it is easily replaced. 

The rad dad likes to fidget and therefore leans towards the Tactile Turn Slider or Glider Pen. These fun, tactile-friendly pens come in a wide variety of metals, from copper to stainless-steel, and fit and rad dad’s vibe. Not to mention, the bolt action mechanism is sure to make his friends super jealous! 

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