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Urban EDC Showcase

Showcase #106: Macroeconomics PhD Student from Sydney, Australia

Even with a cursory glance, it’s immediately evident that this carry belongs to someone with a keen eye for detail. So it’s no surprise when Ge (@samxuge) shares that he’s currently pursuing his PhD in Macroeconomics and tutors Master students in mathematics in his spare time. Read on for the full rig rundown of Ge’s exquisite and carefully assembled daily carry.

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Showcase #105: Fusion Center Operator from South Texas

Dixon (@dy_xfactor) is the definition of a go-getter, and gives new meaning to ‘seizing the day’. In addition to being a Fusion Center Operator at an oil and gas exploration company, he also runs a print shop, competes professionally in paintball, dabbles in photography and cinematography and is a dutiful father to 2 beautiful girls. So read on to find out all about the carry that accompanies Dixon as he grabs life by the throat, and comes out on top.

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Showcase #104: Brazing Technician from Sweden


In this week’s showcase, we talk to Magnus (@mifoto_se) from Sweden who is a Brazing Technician. When he’s not tinkering at the factory, Magnus spends his time behind the camera, chasing light and capturing shadows. Read on for the full rundown of Magnus’ daily carry, which is tempered by his unique brand of hands-on practicality and technical expertise.

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Showcase #101: Leather Craftsman and Designer from Coeur d'Alene City, North Idaho

This week’s feature is an ode to brass and leather, courtesy of the irrepressible Chad Von Lind from Coeur d'Alene City, North Idaho. From his choice of gear, it’s clear that he subscribes to the notion of heirloom quality goods - that of which that wears in, instead of wearing out. Read on to find out all about Chad’s beautifully functional everyday carry, and be inspired by his commitment to old world quality and craftsmanship.

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