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Urban EDC Showcase

Showcase #53: Veterinary Technician from San Diego, CA

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For this week's EDC showcase, we have Orlando (@bo_lando77) from San Diego, CA, who has been working as veterinary technician for the past 8 years. Orlando is a committed family man, and spends his free time at the zoo or the beach with his family. Read on for the full details of his highly utilitarian and functional daily carry!

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Showcase #51: Research Scientist from Southeastern Michigan

For this week's feature, we chat with the irrepressible Nick Shabazz (@nickshabazz) from Southeastern Michigan. Nick is a research scientist specializing in the processing of sound and speech, and he does amazingly informative gear reviews on his YouTube channel. Read on to find out all about Nick's choice of daily carry, along with his rationale behind each item!

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Showcase #50: Property Developer from London, England.


For this week’s community showcase, we sit down with James (@gearetal) from London, England. James works as a property developer, and is an avid outdoorsman who also embraces technology, gear and watches. Read on for the full details of his understated daily carry, and find out how he copes with UK’s strict knife laws!

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Showcase #49: Environmental Field Technician from Bakersfield, California

For this week's feature, we're delighted to have Grayson (@g.r.parker) from Bakersfield, California. Grayson is a field technician for an environmental consulting firm, and has just finished his M.A. in History. In addition, he's also a writer at BladeReviews. Read on to find out how Grayson first got into EDC, as well as the full details of his outstanding daily carry!

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