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Urban EDC Showcase

Showcase #32: Photographer from Boston, Massachusetts

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member from our community and the gear they rely on everyday. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

For this week's Showcase, we got a hold of Tim (@thecorgikid) who is a photographer from Boston, Massachusetts. Tim is constantly on the move and has a beautifully eclectic everyday carry. Read on for the full story behind his unique selection of gear!

Featured Tools:

Knives: Custom Ken Erickson Single blade Stockman in Westinghouse Micarta / Opinel No.7 Carbone / Silet Ti with Maze finish by Veleno Designs
Flashlight: Muyshondt Aeon Mk. I 
Wallet: Koch Leather Original Hipster Front Pocket Wallet in Veg Tan (monogrammed with Tim's initials)
Knife Slip: Koch Leather Horween Monogrammed Knife Slip
Keys: Motorcycle keys to my Yamaha XV950 with Steel Flame tag + “remove before flight” key fob
Ring: Silver Piston custom Hobo Mercury Ring by Steve West
Hank: Japanese “tenugui (手拭い)" handkerchief
Pencil: TK 4600 2mm Faber-Castell clutch pencil
Coin: 1908 Barber Halve (Tim gave his father a similar coin to carry in his wallet)


Tim is a photographer from Boston, Massachusetts. He tells us that he splits his free time between his corgi, Rémy, and his motorcycle.

He shares that Rémy is the most attentive soul he has ever met. Rémy knows instinctively when Tim is packing to go on the bus into the city, and sit in front of the bus station, barking away and waiting for Tim's return. When Tim goes riding, Rémy will simply lay down and wait, and his ear will perk up whenever he hears a motorcycle rumbling by.

Tim has always been interested in knives and other everyday carry items that help facilitate his daily tasks. He credits gear videos on YouTube for opening his eyes to a wider world of high-quality gear, and for giving him access to a wealth of EDC knowledge. 

Favorite EDC Tool:

Tim's favorite tool is his Opinel No.7 in carbon steel which was gifted to him by a dear friend. He carries the Opinel every single day of week despite it being the most affordable item in his entire set up.

He also treasures his Silver Piston mercury ring because he feels that it's his good luck charm when riding. He tells us that he likes to think that the ring has saved his hide on multiple occasions, and says he has 4 of his 9 lives left.

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