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Urban EDC Showcase

Showcase #5: Aftermarket Automotive Accessories Sales Rep from Western Pennsylvania

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member from our community and the gear they rely on everyday. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo

This week's edition features Jason (@jsin724) from a small town in Western Pennsylvania. Working in the aftermarket automotive industry, his gear features a combination of refined and rugged gear that keeps him prepared and looking stylish.

Featured Tools:

Flashlight: Maratac AAA Copper
Chapstick Sleeve: Micah Byrd
Lighter Case: Ball & Chain Brass Lighter Case
Bottle Opener: Burnley Brass Cypop
Bead: Hanks by Hank Brass Bead
Cypop Sleeve: Greg Stevens Design
Keychain: Scout Hook Limited Hand-Hammered Brass
Utility Knife: Rexford R.U.T.
RUT Sheath: Scout Leather Rexford RUT Sheath
Comb: Big Red Beard Combs
Knife: Great Eastern Cutlery #77 Northfield
Handkerchief: Huckleberry Woodchuck 


Jason is a Sales Rep for an aftermarket automotive accessories company. His interest in knives started from his interest in trout fishing. But he developed his passion for everyday carry gear when he discovered that there was an entire "subculture" of people who also enjoyed EDC gear. Being from Pittsburg, he's a loyal Penguins and Pirates fan!

Favorite EDC Tool:

Jason tells us that his favorite EDC tool is his Burnley Cypop because...well, "it's just so damn cool!", according to Jason. He prefers to carry smaller knives, both folders and fixed blades. He also has a deep appreciation for traditional folders such as Northwoods and Great Eastern Cutlery. For the most part, Jason likes to keep his EDC pretty simple.

So how on Earth did he score that Cypop? His advice is to stay connected to Burnley Knives through their Facebook page and mailing list, have lots of patience, and wish for a bit of good old luck!

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