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November 30, 2015

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member from our community and the gear they rely on everyday. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo

Everyday Carry of a Farm Manager from Charleston, South Carolina.

In this week's community feature, we speak to JR (@keepfarmn) from Charleston, South Carolina. He currently works as a Farm Manager for Dirt Works Incubator Farm where he trains new farmers and helps them launch new farm businesses. His gear is rugged and versatile, showing his preference for a more utilitarian carry required for his work!

Featured Tools:

Knife: Benchmade Griptilian
Pocket Protector: Scout Leather Co.
Flashlight: Maratac AAA
Utility Knife: Rexford R.U.T.
Wallet: Recycled Firefighter Sergeant Slim Wallet
Keychain Multitool: Scout Leather Co.


JR spent several years raising animals sustainably and growing vegetables organically. Through his work in the field, he became interested in EDC gear. When he found the strong EDC community on Instagram, his passion intensified, and even did his own leatherwork including wallets, sheaths, tool rolls, and key clips. He was then able to trade his leather goods for other products made by the community! He tell us that he's always been grateful for the kindness and generosity of the community.

Favorite EDC Tool:

JR's favorite tool is the Rexford R.U.T. He tells us that it's versatile and tough, which is perfect for the type of work he does.

Upgrade your EDC:

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