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Urban EDC Showcase

Showcase #8: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) from Covina, California

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member from our community and the gear they rely on everyday. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo

Everyday Carry of an Emergency Medical Technician from California

This week, we feature Jaime (@jamesguardedc), an Emergency Medical Technician from Covina, California. His gear reflects a nice balance between aesthetics and functionality. So what is his favorite EDC gear? It might surprise you!

Featured Tools:

Knife: Jordan Metal Art / Tom Krein - Nebuli Titanium with Damascus Blade
Watch: Timex Andros by J.Crew
Flashlight: Tain Flute, Titanium
Beads: Maverick Workshop Copper Supressor, CAM Titanium, Peter Atwood Landslide
Wallet: Greg Stevens Design V2 Slimmer Wallet
Handkerchief: Hanksbyhank


Jaime tells us that he discovered the EDC world by chance. As an Emergency Medical Technician, he uses a knife at work daily. About a year ago, he misplaced his EDC knife at work. This began a rigorous search process. He was looking for a multi-functional knife that would help him with work tasks such as cutting seat belts; he wanted a durable knife that wouldn't require frequent sharpening. His search found him on the pages of various custom knife and tool makers. Then, he quickly learned that there was a large community of EDC and knife enthusiasts. After that, he was hooked! He tells us that the community has been very helpful finding the gear that he was interested in.

Favorite EDC Tool:

Jaime's current favorite EDC tools are his wallet and his light. He tell us that his wallet is extremely functional and it's always with him. It allows him to carry his Rexford R.U.T. and his EDC fork tool; being an EMT, Jaime is always on the go and having his go-to tools with him is important to him. He also carries and uses his light often. He says that it runs on a single AA battery which is important due to convenience and availability on-the-go.

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