January 24, 2018

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

When he was just a 5-year-old child, Jannik (@mr.decaffeinato) was told by his grandfather that all real men always carried a knife in their pocket. That fateful day was the start of Jannik’s EDC journey, which he has since taken to new heights with his business and active interaction with the community. Read on for Jannik’s full rig rundown, as this is definitely a carry that you don’t want to miss.

Featured Tools:

  • Knife: Chris Reeve Knives
    This is a large Sebenza 21 Insingo with MXG Gear lanyard filler and Millit Knives Ladder Damascus pocket clip.The blade is blackwashed and the handle scales are stonewashed. It’s perfectly sized, quality is outstanding and I love the modifications.

  • Flashlight: Okluma
    This is my DC1 with a Steel Flame Darkness pocket clip This flashlight is one of the most used items in my pockets. Absolutely necessary when walking my dog at night.

  • SAK: Robert Lessard Custom
    This is my custom SAK with a Mrbrowndk bluetonge Damascus bead. I always had a SAK with me but I’ve always wanted one in titanium to complete my titanium EDC combination. I search for a long time before finding the perfect one. The most used tool here is the bottle-opener.

  • SAK 02: DE Custom Forge
    This is a small backup knife that I carry in my bag, I further customized it with a DailyCustoms.shop titanium & brass bead. The most used tool is the scissors.

  • Key Organizer: KeyBar
    For me, this item is the perfect solution for keys! I have a new Ferrum Forge & Massdrop blade that should be delivered in the next few days, which I’ll be adding to my KeyBar.

  • Spinner: Rotablade
    This is a Stubby in solid titanium and Poseblades bluetonge Damascus buttons. This is perfect for those times when classes or lecture get too boring.

  • Wallet: Dango
    I bought the Dango wallet because I hate coins. I really like the leather & aluminium combination. If it would be available in titanium, it would be perfect! I’ve customized it with an Olamic Cutlery Skull & Owl bead.

  • Pen: Urban Survival Gear
    This pen is, in my opinion, the cheapest and best bolt-action pen on the market. It’s very light and has a nice stonewash finish. I bought a Fellhoelter TiBolt one week ago. I am excited about too see which one will end up being my favorite after carrying it for a month or so. You will see the result in my photos.

  • Whistle: Vargo
    This titanium dog whistle is important for me. I trained my dog with that whistle to come back after hunting an animal. I use it quite often.


      My name is Jannik Ostermoor, better known as Mr Decaffeinato. I live in Hamburg in the north of Germany and I study business economics. 6 months ago, a friend and I started our own company making the highest-quality EDC gear that is 100% made in Hamburg. You can say that I’m living my dream right now.

      My first experience with knives and tools was back when I was a 5-year-old boy. My grandpa told me that a real man is supposed to always carry a pocket knife with him. He gave me my first knife when I was 5. With the other EDC gear, I started maybe 3 to 4 years ago.

      Most days, I spend a lot of time with my dog. I love to go hunting, read a good book or just listen to some music. EDC occupies a big part of my free time. I really like to think about new combinations, talk with other EDC dudes about new stuff, or make some new lanyards for my knives and gear. Taking photos and sharing them with other people is new to me though. I only started with Instagram about 7 months ago.

      Favorite EDC Tool:

      This is a tough question. I think it's either my Sebenza 21 and my Okluma flashlight. A sharp knife is always important and the flashlight is necessary for going out with the dog at night!

      Next On Your Gear Radar:

      Hopefully, the next addition will be a Rick Hinderer XM18 3" non-flipper with the working finish. Hopefully, because it's hard to find a Hinderer in Germany.


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