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Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

Hailing from Germany’s knife-making capital, Solingen, Rene (@sys4tron) defies all convention. An iOS developer by trade and avid gamer who owns every gaming console, he is also a dedicated runner and bonafide outdoorsman. Read on to learn all about Rene’s diverse interests and equally intriguing daily carry.

Featured Tools:

  • Small Folder: Boker Plus Bullpup
    You can literally say the knife and EDC addiction started with a Boker Scout Cronidur and this little belt pouch. Many years ago when I moved to Solingen, I went to the Boker knife shop and picked that knife. Impressed by the variety of different knives, I got addicted. At the moment I carry a Boker Plus Bullpup in this sheath, rotating every couple weeks with the Boker Scout.

  • Large Folder: Bastinelli Knives - Safe Folder
    While watching knife reviews on YouTube I stumbled across a video from Bastian Coves presenting his new folder. I was immediately hooked, even though I did not understand a word because the video was completely in French.

    At that point, I could not afford the knife so I added it to my list of knives to buy when the time is right. And as you see the time did come and I bought it. This knife is a true beast, the flipping action is incredible and at this moment it's my favourite tactical folder. I use the Safe Folder mostly for food preparation and to play with.

  • Small Fixed blade: GiantMouse GMF1 Pirate
    Some month ago while looking for a small fixed blade, I stumbled upon GiantMouseKnives and immediately fell in love with their designs. As a fan of Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Anso, I was happy to find out that this brand is a collaboration between them and that’s probably the reason why I like those designs so much. I use it on a daily basis for opening boxes and preparing breakfast or lunch at work.

  • Large Fixed Blade: TRC K1s Fuller Apocalypse
    This is the big brother of the TRC Mini. The K1s is for me the perfect EDC fixed blade. It's not too small and not too big. From preparing food to woodworking when I’m outdoors, this knife can handle everything. It is attached to my backpack so it's also with me daily when I’m in the office or straying through the woods. It fits so well in my hands that it's hard for me to put it away when not using it.

  • Neck Knife: TRC Mini Tanto M390 Apocalypse
    As a knife addict and user, I wear more knives than I probably need. On a normal day, I carry a minimum of 3 knives on my person and more attached to or in my backpack. Around my neck and most time under my shirt, I carry this little beast. Most of the time I use this blade to open boxes and letters.

  • Watch: Garmin Fenix 3 HR
    As I started running some years ago, I bought the first Apple Watch. Used it some month but was not happy with the missing GPS inside the first model. So I started looking what else is on the market and that's how I found the perfect watch for nearly every activity you can imagine. From running, swimming, hiking to even skydiving you can track everything. I never leave my home without wearing this watch.

  • Wallet: Greenbury Skull wallet
    This leather wallet accompanies me everywhere, every day. It holds my cards and cash. I was planning to switch to a smaller EDC wallet but for now, I’m not able to put it away.

  • Slim Wallet: ToolsForGents
    As I mentioned earlier, I tried to switch to a smaller wallet. But as you can see it didn’t work. I love to carry all kind of small things, so now I carry both wallets every day. This EDC wallet from ToolsForGents holds my Boker K.I.D. Cal.50 brass pen, Olight i3Scu, my Vincent Vega Knives & Tool's beard comb and pry bar with bottle opener and shopping cart extraction functionality.

    Also in my wallet is the Brasswerx Copper Tag with personalized with my name. If you plan to get a SAK modification you should check him out. Also now hidden in the middle of the wallet is a ViceAnvilTactical Jurassic Croc made out of copper. From writing something down to opening a bottle - I’m able to handle almost every daily task with this setup.

  • Worry Stone: Memento Mori Stone
    As a knife and EDC addict, I love to see pictures of other people in the community. That's how I came across this picture where I first saw the Memento Mori Stone. I found out that Jim Wirth created them but at that moment all were sold out. I started following Jim on Instagram and one day he mentioned that a small batch of stones will be available. I got in contact with him and bought one. Since owning the stone, I carry it every day in my fifth pocket, to remember death. Some weeks ago, Jim successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign so new stones are coming.


My name is Rene Franke. I’m 33 - born and raised in East Berlin. I studied Media Informatics in Berlin and started working in a small company as a software developer. That was where I started developing websites and applications for Smart TVs and Blu Ray players.

With the release of the iPhone, I got interested in this technology and started developing for it. After planning to live together with my girlfriend, I moved in 2011 to Solingen. Since then, I work as iOS Developer in Cologne, where I work on iOS applications for some of the biggest German companies.

My affinity with knives started in my childhood when I wandered the woods with my dad and his Swiss Army Knife. But the real addiction started after moving to Solingen and my first visit to the Boker knife store. I was so impressed by all the different knives. I bought my first pocket knife there, a Boker Scout Cronidur and that's how it all started.

Besides my love to EDC gear and knives, I’m also an avid gamer. I own all of the latest gaming consoles and love to play with them. When I’m not playing PC or consoles, I love to hike and be out in the wild. The last weeks I got a bit lazy but normally I’m also a runner. Typically after waking up at 5 am, I run 30 minutes to 1 hour every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Favorite EDC Tool:

That is not easy to answer. But after thinking for a bit, I must say it's my TRC K1s. This fixed blade is for me the perfect EDC knife. I use it as often as I can. Along with the great functionality of this knife, I’m totally in love with the fit and finish. The apocalypse blade finish in combination with the black micarta handles and brass screws combines exactly what I like most.

Next On Your Gear Radar:

While writing this, a factory custom Zero Tolerance 00392 BWBRZ is on the way to my home. So stoked that I was able to buy one of this limited production knives on the secondary market. At the moment, I’m thinking of getting a Wander Tactical Hurricane Ti folder. Some days ago, Wander Tactical also released a smaller version of their tough folder. So now I’m in the struggle to decide if I should get the bigger or smaller one.


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Jim Wirth
Jim Wirth

April 11, 2018

I love seeing your instagram EDC photos every day, and I absolutely love that you always feature your Memento Mori Stone in all of your photos. As the designer, that makes me so happy!

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