July 11, 2018

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They say if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life - and that’s especially true for Michal (@502edc), who’s a professional photographer who still enjoys making images in his free time. An avid collector of Victorinox Alox knives, he was first given one by his grandmother after a fishing trip. Read on to find out all about Michal’s intriguing carry, diverse interests and what’s next on his gear radar.

Featured Tools:

  • Lens: Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS USM MK2 
    It’s just the perfect portrait/sport/concert/landscape lens. Even though it’s big and heavy I always have it on me when shooting, what happens almost every day. I have the full range of lenses but the picture you get from this beast paired with Canon 5D MK4 that I use is unbeatable. I got it from my wife on birthday. Talking about a great gift!

  • SD Card: Sandisk Extreme SD card
    90MB/s speed is perfect for those multiple shots you take when photographing sport or shooting video in 4K. It never failed me. I use those exclusively with CF cards also from Sandisk in my Canon 5DMK4.

  • SAK: Victorinox Pioneer Alox
    There are a few reasons why I carry Pioneer. Even though here in Poland you can legally carry a machete on your belt in the public, I prefer staying low key.

    For years I was carrying a lot of stuff in my pockets and many different knives. The problem with carrying the ZT, Spyderco folders or fixed blades is that when you whip it out in the public you can see the concern in people eyes. No need to scare anyone. When you take out the SAK, people smile and many times have something nice to say - like they used to have one too or something. Great conversation starter.

    Another reason is that I’m not afraid to give it to someone to use. I’ve had my knife edge chipped by friends or colleagues many times. Once my friend decided to cut a bike tire with my Spyderco Native S30V! I realized he took my knife for this job right when he cut metal wire after fighting it for 10 minutes. Hurts.

    Not a problem with SAK, you can fix the edge in 10 minutes or throw it in the toolbox and have great reason to buy a new one. Also, it’s the perfect compromise between folder and multitool. You actually have some tools you can use and it weighs next to nothing.

    I used the flat head screwdriver many times for fixing my tripod, tightening studio lights, opening cans of food or beers on photo trips with the can opener etc. Plus, it’s just freaking good looking in black :)

  • Notebook: Leuchtturm1917
    I write a lot. Like A LOT. I go through one notebook a month. Previously I was using Moleskines or custom notebooks but a friend who is an architect recommended me Leuchtturm1917. I have to say it’s the best I’ve had. Thick paper, very durable, great weight. Just perfect. I use it for everything. Planning photo shoots, sketching photography compositions, daily tasks, writing down thoughts, important moments in my or my kid's life or simply shopping lists.

  • Pen: Zebra F701
    It’s durable, looks nice, has the ideal thickness for me and is cheap. Since I misplace pens all the time it’s a huge advantage. Just yesterday I’ve ordered 10 of those to have in my office, car, backpack and just a few spare waiting for their moment. I don’t need to write underwater or upside down, so F701 is more than enough :)

  • Phone: iPhone 8+ with UAG Monarch case
    It’s all about the ecosystem. All colleagues use using Apple products, it’s easier to transfer files on airdrop, synchronize calendars over all devices and computers, use iMessage, etc. The UAG case is something I can really recommend. As I have two kids my phone lands on the floor all the time. Nothing bad has happened yet :)


      My name is Michal and I’m from Warsaw, Poland. I’m a professional photographer and co-owner of PR/Creative Agency called TEAL.

      Every spare minute I have I try to spend with my wife and two kids. As hobbies go, it’s still photography. Even though it’s my profession I just love taking pictures. I also collect knives, mostly the Victorinox Alox. I know it might not be obvious on this page, but I’m really into streetwear/fashion. Oh! And I also collect sneakers! I have over 150 pairs of kicks. Mostly Adidas. Yeah, I know…

      Technically, I first got into EDC about 20 years ago when I was a kid and didn’t know about this term. I remember this moment in my life when I was on holidays with my grandmother. I was fishing for the first time ever with my friend. Obviously, my fishing line got all tangled up. I ran to my grandmother since I knew she had scissors. She cut the line and helped me fix my setup.

      Over the course of our vacation, it happened MANY times. When we came back home my Grandma bought me my first knife - a single bladed Victorinox Alox and said: “A man should always have a knife on him.”

      Since then, I always carry a knife of some sort, but mostly SAK’s. It just became a part of me. Now, instead of asking “Do you have a knife?”, my grandma simply says, “Lend me your knife.” I think I’d just have to buy her one :)

      Favorite EDC Tool:

      All of them, really. But I have to go with Victorinox Alox. Every other piece has some sort of replacement but I just can’t imagine not having the Alox on me.

      What's On Your Gear Radar:

      I’ve recently found Old Cross single bladed Alox SAK from 60’s at a flea market. I just have to get more Alox knives from that era. Preferably Pioneers :)

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