June 26, 2019

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature a member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

Wonderfully multi-talented like her multi-functional carry – Erin (@erinjoyedc) sings, plays the guitar, and writes her own music, all while assembling Mini Vans at Chrysler and Dodge. An old soul at heart, Erin has an appreciation for patina and putting pen to paper. Read on for her full rig rundown and find out what’s next on Erin’s gear radar. 

Featured Tools:

  • Knife: Spyderco Para 3 (River’s Edge Cutlery Exclusive)
    My favorite color for as long as I can remember has been OD/olive green. When I saw this knife in the EDC community, it quickly became a must-have grail for me. I looked forever for one, but because River’s Edge Cutlery only did a sprint run of them, second-hand prices were skyrocketing on eBay and everywhere else.

    Eventually, I was able to finally buy one and it has been a staple in my EDC! The knife was inspired by nature, which is awesome because I love being outside, in the trails, whenever the weather is nice. This knife will always be in my collection. I use it to open boxes and various items throughout the day. 

  • Pen: Fellhoelter Monkey Edge Frag Pattern Pen (Stonewashed Titanium)
    This was another grail for me that I’ve been searching for, for a long time! I’m old school, so I love writing things down! That includes journaling, writing lists, reminders, you name it!

    As soon as I heard about the Fellhoelter pens a few months ago, I was hooked and really wanted to get my hands on one. They are very hard to come by and very expensive. A friend on Instagram recently did a raffle and I was able to score this awesome Brian Fellhoelter pen! It writes really smooth and I love the fidget factor as well.

  • Flashlight: Maratac AAA Copper
    I got this light a while ago and it has been one of my favorite lights since. I am a big fan of copper and the way it patinas over time. This light is perfect because it’s small and compact, enough to fit in pockets and pretty much anywhere else!

    The warm Nichia light is pleasing to the eye and I use it, as well as my other lights, very often! I use them when I drop things under the couch that I can’t find, or when I’m taking my dog out at night for a walk. I find flashlights to be some of the most useful tools in EDC.

  • Watch: Spinnaker Wreck (Bronze)
    I only recently got a hold of this watch, but it’s quickly become a favorite in my small growing collection! I wore the same watch every day for two years, and never really branched out much.

    I rely on my watches not only for the time but for the date as well. Most people look on their phones for the time, but again, I’m old school, and if there’s an opportunity for me to have less time in front of my phone screen, I’ll take it!

    I think a watch says a lot about a person and their style and this watch, in particular, suits me perfectly! The Spinnaker Wreck line has a few color combinations to choose from but this one with the bronze, copper looking details was by far my favorite! It really matches my copper gear and is going to be a daily user for sure.

  • Journal: Loyal Stricklin
    Lastly, in the photo, you see my journal! I have been a big fan of journaling for years and only up until the last year or so, started using Field Notes and Log and Jotter notebooks!

    They are a perfect size, easy to bring anywhere, and they’re thin enough that you can finish them, and move on to the next book no problem! Another huge theme in my EDC is leather, and so it only seemed fitting that I get a quality leather cover for my notebooks. One that would patina and build character over time. I found a brand called Loyal Stricklin on Instagram, and became a huge fan of theirs immediately! They make a variety of leather goods and the wallet I use is also made by them, not pictured here. 

    This journal cover fits my Fellhoelter pen perfectly, my notebook, and any other cards or notes I may have. I bring it with me everywhere I go, in case I feel inspired to jot something down.


      I grew up in Barrie Ontario Canada, but I’ve moved around a bit over the years! Went to College in Saskatchewan and studied music there for 4 years and then moved to Windsor Ontario for work!

      Windsor has now become “home” for me and I work as an automotive assembly line worker at our giant Chrysler Assembly Plant. We assemble the Chrysler and Dodge Mini Vans! It’s a factory of about 5,000 workers and can be challenging for a variety of reasons but for the most part, I enjoy what I do.

      I first got into EDC by watching Taylor Martin's videos on YouTube! His older channel MOD showcased various peoples EDC’s and DIY kits, and then eventually his channel grew to be Best Damn EDC, where he still showcases a variety of people’s EDC’s but also features the latest gear that companies have to offer!

      Slowly over time, I’ve accumulated a small collection of gear and recently last October, created my page and dove into the EDC community on Instagram. It’s been really fun ever since, interacting with people from all different backgrounds and sharing common Interests and talking gear!

      I have a few hobbies outside of the realm of EDC! I’ve always enjoyed music including singing, playing guitar and piano, and writing my own music as well. I also enjoy cardistry which is the art of using decks of cards in motion that is really pleasing to the eye. I also love spending time with my dog Jax and taking him for walks in the trails, when I’m not at work :)

      Favorite EDC Tool:

      Out of all the gear I mentioned, probably my favorite would be the knife! I’ve had it the longest and it’s been super useful to me. They are so rare to come by now and it matches pretty much everything because I have a lot of green stuff haha.

      What's On Your Gear Radar:

      Next on my gear radar would probably be a Serge Knife! I’ve been eyeing the Bean for a little while now and it would be great to get the copper version. They are small knives but pack a punch, and are great for fidgeting, which sounds perfect for me! Just gotta keep my eye out for one :)

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