July 03, 2019

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature a member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

Born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Garrett (@everydaygary) first got into EDC by way of the legendary Peter Atwood tools through a motorcycle forum. From there, the rest is history as he branched out into high-end production knives, custom knives and tools. Read on for the full rig rundown of Garrett’s dynamically vibrant daily carry!

Featured Tools:

  • Knife 01: Benchmade Crooked River
    The Crooked River was a knife I was drawn to from the day it was released. It has very clean lines, feels good in the hand, and is large enough to approach borderline ridiculous territory. The addition of the LynchNW deep carry pocket clip improved ergonomics and aesthetics.

    I really enjoyed being able to customize the knife to make it 'mine' through Benchmade's custom shop options. The 20CV steel has remained sharp despite a lot of pocket time. I intend on adding a customized mini Crooked River to the collection at some point soon.

  • Knife 02: Ryan Schwartz Knives Balerion
    Ryan Schwartz is a knife maker based in the Kalamazoo area. I met him through the Facebook group 'Craft Brew Junkies'; a group that merges the EDC and beer communities.

    I attended a local meetup and was able to handle Ryan's blades. Ryan's passion for his family and his craft is apparent in his work; his enthusiasm speaks through his knives. Luckily, I live only a few minutes from Ryan's shop and during a shop tour, I was drawn to his Balerion model.

    Shortly after, he hand-delivered my first custom fixed blade. Fit and finish on the knife and sheath are perfect. This is the knife I would take with me when the apocalypse hits. In addition to normal knife duty like making s'mores sticks and opening boxes of other knives, it has been misused, dropped, run over by a car (my fault), and still performs flawlessly with only one stropping needed thus far. I hope to add a few more of his blades to my collection over time!

  • Pry: Peter Atwood ‘P10’
    Peter's work is what pulled me into the EDC community. Pocket pry bars were the tool I didn't know I needed until I saw it! My pry bar collection has exploded since discovering Atwood Tools, but I would only need this pry for the rest of my life if I had to choose.

    I use pry tools daily in my professional and personal knife; at least as much as a knife if not more! Breaks down boxes just as quickly as a knife, pulls staples, pry apart stubborn office items, and cracks a brew at the end of the day.

  • Pen: Tactile Turn Glider
    Tactile Turn makes one of the most useful, attractive, and affordable pens on the market. I use a pen more than any other EDC item. I have tried pens from multiple companies at multiple price points and have landed with Tactile Turn.

    The Glider models accommodate a G2 cartridge, making refills easy to find and cheap. The bolt-action mechanism on the glider is a brilliant change to standard bolt actions and performs perfectly.

  • Wallet: Recycled Firefighter Hypalon
    The Hypalon wallet from Recycled Firefighter is one of my most indispensable EDC items and a true daily carry. I carry it EVERY DAY. This wallet has enough space for a few cards, cash, and holds a standard sized notebook.

    I frequently use my notebooks for reminders, grocery lists, sketches and writing down ideas. It also lays flatter than traditional wallets, making it comfortable in the pocket. I have used this wallet for several years and it shows very little wear. In addition to all these features, it has a velcro square that allows you to personalize it with patches...which leads us to...

  • Morale Patch: The Thread Remedy 'Change is Coming'
    As if I needed another hobby, I've found patches are a quick way to vary your EDC and have fun. There are a ton of companies making affordable and durable patches for every niche.

    Dive further and you'll enter a community as ravenous as knife groups; often with secondary prices that are well into the triple digits! The Thread Remedy makes beautiful, limited-run patches that sell out quickly, so be prepared to hunt these patches down if you're so inclined.

  • Flashlight: Lumintop AA
    I use a flashlight daily while walking our dog. Makes finding pet waste in the yard much easier! This AA flashlight from Lumintop offers a nice balance of performance, size, and cost. Battery life has been excellent too. This color was a Drop (previously Massdrop) exclusive, but there is a wide range of 'stock' colors available.

  • Rag: Dan Rice (@PNWCarrier)
    Something that stuck with me from a young age was to always carry a hank or something similar. Clean your glasses, dry your hands, wipe down your knife. The uses are endless. I love using shop rags since they offer a guilt-free alternative to pricier EDC hanks. Dan made these with cool patterns and appealing green color.


      I was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I participated in Boy Scouts in middle school and high school. Attended Western Michigan University. While attending WMU, I was the host of an independent radio show on the college radio station, WIDR. Bachelors in Criminal Justice. Worked for the Kalamazoo County Sheriffs Department in jail for several years. Currently working in adult-offender supervision.

      I had an interest in watches, knives, and pens from childhood but never knew there was a name or community for it. I can remember looking through my grandpa's knife catalogs and admiring the Spyderco models.

      I got into EDC after discovering Peter Atwood's pocket tools listed in the off-topic section of a motorcycle forum. I immediately grasped the utility and usefulness of the tools. My interest took off from there and soon I was admiring high-end production knives, custom knives, and EDC tools.

      I like to incorporate colors into my EDC; not all your gear needs to be black! I love earth tones and purple the most. Colors can catch the eye of those who aren't into our hobby for an easier talking point and are more friendly looking to people who may normally be against knives and pocket gear.

      Additionally, I prefer to buy American gear whenever I can. Not to be overly political, mostly because its easier to get the products in-hand and warranty issues can be addressed quicker.

      Outside of EDC, hobbies include horology, pistol and rifle shooting, trading craft beer with people around the country, and car and motorcycle culture.

      Favorite EDC Tool:

      Definitely the Peter Atwood ‘P10’ because that was where it started for me. 

      What's On Your Gear Radar:

      I'm most looking forward to the Graham Rhino Midtech, Koch Tools KTC-2 in Titanium/S35VN, Kershaw Launch 10, and the Spyderco Dragonfly Wharncliffe.

      The knives on my wishlist are the Spyderco Native Chief, Cold Steel AD-15, Spyderco Manix lightweight, and the Koenig Arius.

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