July 10, 2019

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature a member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

From his time working in construction and as a race car mechanic, Chris (@patina.turner_) learnt the importance of always being self-reliant and prepared. His appreciation for quality tools is clearly reflected in his well-curated EDC, which covers all his needs and bases in style. Read on to learn all about Chris’ carry and find out what’s next on his gear radar.

Featured Tools:

  • Fixed blade: Tactical Pterodactyl
    First off, I’ve always been a big fan of carrying a small fixed blade in certain situations as a primary EDC blade for some different reasons. Not a big deal getting the blade wet or dirty like some folding knives.

    They can handle a bit more of a beating and also tend to be a bit more comfortable in hand for me than a small folder but by no means are a replacement or better. I love the size and utility of the Tactical Pterodactyl mini camper, and the nice drop point shape handles tasks with no problems. 

  • Utility Tool: Forest Berserk Forest Axe
    The Forest Berserk Forest Axe comes along for tasks that don’t require a knife or maybe more non-knife places for cutting tape on boxes, scraping random stuff, or the obvious popping a bottle.

  • Flashlight: Drop Vega AA
    The Drop Vega flashlight is used for typical stuff throughout the day like looking behind or under stuff, finding dropped items from my kid, or whatever I need it to. It’s nothing to write home about but does a sufficient job in day to day stuff.

  • Wallet: Valhalla Designs
    The Valhalla Designs Travelers wallet. This is a new item in my rotation but scored it from somebody at a good deal and thought I’d give it a shot. This wallet is made with beautifully vibrant colored resins and aluminum mesh and molded into a super slim tray style wallet.

    It has 2 thick o-rings that go completely around the wallet holding up to 7 cards in the front and the smooth back allows you to put some loose cash or sometimes I throw a challenge coin or EDC multi-tool back there like the Berserk Axe. So far I’m liking it on days where I don’t need to much stuff with me or if I know I might get my leather wallet wet since the hard resin won’t be affected. Also has some really cool designs on it.

  • Organizer: AutomobileCraftsGB
    The AutomobileCraftsGB EDC mixed tweed wallet is one of my favorite scores. I found this organizer while searching through Etsy and thought I’d give it a shot to throw some stuff in to get my gear more organized. In this configuration, I put the flashlight in the left pouch.

    The TPK on the right and the sheath fits just right and the Forest Axe just behind the knife. This pouch rides in my front right pocket and not only does it keep all my crap from flipping around in my pocket but allows for me to put other things in that pocket if I need to without the worry of it getting scratched by all the gear. One of the cheapest and simplest pieces but makes a HUGE difference and makes bringing stuff out less of a thought and hindrance.

  • Lanyard Bead: Combat Beads
    And I thought I’d throw out I have a Civilian Bead by Combat Beads on TPK. The bead allows me to get a full grip on the knife and also helps allow me to pull the knife from its sheath while in my pocket without having to take the sheath or knife out of my front pocket. He makes some incredible products so check him out as well if you have a chance.


      I’d say I really never picked up EDC as a hobby but used it more in my everyday life. My early years I worked mostly in construction and also as a race car mechanic in the off-road industry.

      Over the years I always found that you had to be self-reliant and also depend and carry things with you that worked and worked well in those situations. I think that’s how I grew such a love for knives because they are such a multifaceted tool that can also have this other side of creativity, functionality, and a great deal of skill.

      Over time I noticed people that had the same type of lifestyles and passion for creating this great world we now know as the EDC world. I just recently got back into IG for knives and totally stumbled on what it had grown into.

      These days, I spend most of my downtime with family and at the beach as well as doing some photography for myself for fun like astrophotography or surf photography.

      Favorite EDC Tool:

      Right now I don’t really have a favorite item but if I had to choose I’d go with the knife. I always wanted a knife from Frankie and when I got the opportunity to grab this one I was ecstatic. I also have another on the way, I like them that much haha.

      What's On Your Gear Radar:

      Next on my radar is a nice custom or mid-tech folder. I don’t know if I’m quite at that level yet, but I’m at a point where I would like to have one really nice folder that was handmade. Lately, I’ve been eyeballing Wehr knives as well as Berg blades. They both have some amazing stuff.

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