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September 11, 2019 1 Comment

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature a member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

A big man with a penchant for small knives, Connor (@beerfridge_edc) grew up in Germany before returning to the States to play college football. Aside from collecting Swiss Army Knives, Connor is also handy with the grill and enjoys cooking up a storm. Read on to find out all about Connor, his life in New England and his well-used everyday carry.

Featured Tools:

  • Knife: Spyderco Techno
    This was my first "higher end" knife purchase. I loved the look of it, having seen it in other people’s Instagram shots. I have an affinity for blades on the smaller size, which is funny considering I am 6'4' and 285 lbs.

    This Techno is a tank of a knife, it punches well above its weight class and looks good doing so. I use this for tasks that require a bit more force than I am comfortable using my non-locking Swiss Army Knives for.

  • SAK 01: Victorinox Cadet
    This is a slight variation from the standard Cadet from Victorinox. It was made exclusively for the German company Clariant, the color is made using Clariant's proprietary dye and is only available to be purchased by employees of the company. A friend in Germany had acquired two and kindly offered one to me This iteration is the favorite Cadet in my collection of around 20 Cadets.

  • SAK 02: Victorinox Alox Minichamp
    This is my true EDC knife. While I will rotate out my larger Swiss Army Knives and locking folders, this Minichamp is in my carry daily! Due to the size, it is non-threatening, meaning I can use it at any time, whether in public or in the office.

    The combination of tools is exceptionally useful for the 58mm, 3 layer form-factor. The most used tools on the Minichamp are a tie between the scissors and the nail file... so essentially it's my pocket manicurist.

  • Flashlight: Olight S1R II "Winter" Titanium Flashlight
    This limited edition version of this light isn't the brightest, but the aesthetics and functions are perfect for what I use it for – usually finding things in the night on moonlight mode to avoid waking my kids up.

  • Pen: Kaweco Liliput Brass
    I really enjoy putting pen to paper and, to me, nothing is better than the writing experience with a fountain pen. This pen is a constant in my carry – the brass adds a touch of class and a nice heft for the size (roughly the same size as a Fisher Space Pen)

  • Notebook: Field Notes
    The perfect pocket-sized companion for my Kaweco Liliput. Field Notes (or any pocket notebook) are a compact way to always have some form of paper on hand to jot down lists, ideas, sketches, or to just have a quick game of tic-tac-toe with my kids.

  • Patch: Run EDC
    Got this from @NotoriousEDC – the least functional part of my EDC. I carry this just because it looks cool.

What's your story:

I am based in New Hampshire, just north of Boston, right on the Mass/NH border. I am an account executive in the electronic components distribution field.

I am not a native New Englander, though. I was born in Wyoming and at an early age went to live in Germany (where my mother is from). My father worked as a teacher for the Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS which is essentially an American school system for the family members of U.S. military members).

I spent my entire adolescence in Germany (Augsburg & Heidelberg) before returning to the States to play college football. I met my wife in college, she was born and raised in NH), and quickly after graduation, we got married and put down roots. I am the father of three girls with a fourth daughter coming soon.

I got into EDC really before there was an acronym or a community for this shared love of knives and pocket trinkets.

My father always had a pocket knife on him, whether it was a Victorinox Super Tinker or a traditional Case slip joint, he instilled in me the importance and usefulness of always being prepared with a knife on hand. He bought me my first pocket knife when I was six or seven and since then I always had at least a knife on me.

The catalyst that truly sparked my enthusiasm for Victorinox Alox Swiss Army Knives (my true EDC passion) was the chance purchase of a Victorinox Pioneer Limited Edition in 2015. The exclusive color, the fact that it was a limited edition, meaning not just everyone could have one, really inspired me. I liked the collectability factor, the rarity of certain knives, the thrill of hunting a knife down for my collection, and the (hopeful) joy of getting a knife that only a few may have.

Collecting knives and EDC gear, taking pictures, and interacting on social media connected to the EDC community to discuss knives and gear is a hobby, for sure. I also enjoy cooking - grilling, smoking, BBQing.

Cooking is also a way that I can decompress and it gives me the ability to spend time with loved ones as we prepare, cook, and eat together as a family. Also, New Hampshire is a very accessible state, we have access to mountains, lakes, beaches and cities all within a short drive.

At any given point you can find me enjoying nature with my kids and wife in this great state and then finishing the work week at one of NH's award winning breweries.

Favorite EDC Tool:

My favorite item would have to be this Clariant Cadet. To me, the Cadet is the perfect EDC knife. It is capable, functional, stylish, and friendly to people that may be a bit sheepish around blades. And this one is a bit rare, so it appeals to me from the exclusivity point of view - I like that my carry and the items in it are uniquely mine.

What's On Your Gear Radar:

I really want a CRK Small Sebenza with an Insingo blade. Just hearing about the craftsmanship and quality involved in CRK knives has me wanting to get one.

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September 11, 2019

Good Stuff! I highly recommend the CRK Small Sebenza if you like the Techno. The Techno is a beefier version but they are both tough.

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