October 30, 2019

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature a member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

From Sweden, we chat with Joel (@dailycompanion) who works in the telecommunications industry. A family man through and through, Joel dedicates most of his free time to his family and is currently honing his leather-working skills. Read on to find out all about Joel’s stunning everyday carry and what he’s eyeing for his next gear acquisition.

Featured Tools:

  • Flashlight: Hanko Machine Works Trident
    Full Tesseract Brass version together with a Steel Flame Pile of Skulls clip. I’ve been through a lot of flashlights, both high and low-end versions. This is the one who stays in the EDC stable and gets used the most.

    A Hanko light became the grail at first sight, and the steel flame clip just fits right in. I mean which kid doesn’t like some cool skulls now and then? 😊 This guy keeps the long dark winter nights (and days) bright here in Sweden.

  • SAK: Victorinox 91mm Tinkerer and 58mm Rambler
    The thing that originally got me into EDC. I have one 91mm Tinkerer in my pocket and the 58m rambler on the keychain. Both dressed up in custom made brass scales by Andrzej Woronowski. This pair is what helps me out whenever I need a knife, scissors, tweezers, bottle opener, and so on.

  • Pen: Prometheus Alpha Bamboo Fountain Pen (brass)
    Having a classy pen is always helpful and taking notes at meetings. Fiddling and giving courage when holding a presentation. This finely machined brass pen fits right in with the other brass gear!

  • Knife: Northwoods Michigan Jack (Burnt Stag)
    Evolving from my Victorinox collecting its quite natural to expand the collection with traditional slip joints. The Great Eastern Cutlery made Northwood knives is the king of the production slip joints in my and many others eyes. This one got my attention because of the beautiful stag covers and the iconic “Wharncliffe” blade. Not really a knife that cuts many things but often with me as a “lucky charm”.

What's your story:

Living in a little placed call Kumla in Sweden most known for its former shoe industry and holding one of the most famous prisons in the country.

Working as a sales guy within a larger telecommunication company which keeps me traveling quite a lot and meeting many different people. It's always nice and educational to meet new people and I enjoy that part of my work, but then again, the best reward is when it's time to call it a week and get back home to my house and family and just do the things we all enjoy to do.

Some guys live to work, I guess I’m more of the guy who works for a living (and to be able to buy cool EDC gadgets!)

When it comes to EDC, it all started when I was given my first pocket knife from my father, it was a Victorinox Alox Pioneer dated 94 if I remember correctly. The knife is long gone and I’m quite sad about it, but then again look what it got me into!

My father has always been into knives and other cool stuff and I got hooked right away as well. After that hobbies have come and gone but the interest for sharp things has always been there. In recent years with the possibility to gain new information within different communities on the internet my true passion for EDC related items has grown strong. I have made a lot of cool friends and had great discussions due to this hobby and that is just awesome.

First things first, most of my free time is, of course, dedicated to my family. I love watching my now 4-year-old daughter making progress in life and trying to teach her all the stuff I have learned from my life. And of course, caring for my wife who is a superwoman!

I’ve gone through a lot of hobbies, right now when time exists, I try to improve my leather-working skills which I love doing. Having a very theoretical day time work not working with my “hands” makes this a great hobby with direct “payoff” when finishing a piece to give to a friend or for myself.

I try to get out in nature as much as possible as I truly believe we are getting far away from our roots in society today. And this is something I enjoy even more when my family accompanies me!

Favorite EDC Tool:

Well, it's hard to say of course based on what criteria you are looking at. Having said that, I would choose the slip joint knife from Northwoods since this is what really fueled my EDC interest.

It has got so many cool elements which trigger my interest, a mix between the new and traditional, great natural stag covers and a good looking Wharncliffe blade. It also holds sentimental value because I got it from the late @gear_n_beard which was a friend within the Swedish EDC Community. So it kind of reminds me of him and never to take things and life itself for granted.

What's On Your Gear Radar:

It’s always a mix between what I want and what would be useful to have. But exclusive fixed blades and custom-made folders are on the radar.

To mention a few makers which have my attention right now I would call Brian Efros with his wonderful Hustle model or Tom Krein's work. I do also like to support talented local makers here in Sweden so I might have some of those coming as well!

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