February 19, 2020

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature a member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

Aaron (@edc.td) is living proof that EDC can span generations and bring the family closer. He first got into EDC when his dad gifted him a Delica (along with a 12-knife case to fill) and the rest is history. Carrying a knife daily reminded him of his granddad with his well-worn pocket knife. Finally, Aaron has embarked on a journey with his daughter to post a picture a day on their dedicated EDC account. So, read on for the full story and of course, Aaron's full rig rundown.

What's in your carry?

  • Knife: Benchmade Bugout w Flytanium carbon fiber scales
    This is one of my favorite knives! I love how light it is and the thin the blade stock makes it a great slicer. I’m kinda a sucker for the fidgety axis lock and the aftermarket scales really make the knife feel like a quality piece while keeping the weight down.

  • Pen: Fisher Space Pen
    I’ve got a few of these little guys. I don’t use pens a whole lot but when I do, it’s typically on something like glossy materials or fabric that pens don’t always write well on. These little guys see to always perform when they need to. They are super small and won’t break the bank. Makes for a perfect occasional use pen

  • SAK: Victorinox Alox Pioneer
    This is about the perfect general EDC multitool. Great backup blade with a range of tools to keep me from breaking the tip off my knife. Especially love the little wire stripper on these. Comes in super handy when building and repairing low voltage systems.

  • Flashlight: Maglite Solitaire LED
    I’m constantly in a lot of dark spaces backstage, in equipment racks, under desks, etc... though not the fanciest or most expensive light, this little guy gets the job done. Love how slim it is and being an AAA light, it’s easy to keep it with fresh batteries.

  • Hank: MCMD Hankery
    Not only do these add a pop of color to the mix, but they are also super useful in cleaning off tools after usage and dabbing off sweat when things get intense.

  • Watch: Military Chronograph
    I love the look of old military watches. Love the no-nonsense style with easy to read faces and simple bands. This one has been a great value and I love the aesthetic. Are there better watches out there? Certainly! But I don’t trust myself to protect something “nice” while at work. For now, this does just fine!

  • Key Organizer: Lthrsht
    I hate dangly keys. This is a great little organizer that keeps things neat and tidy. Works with my key fab too!

What's your story?

I’m currently serving as the Technical Director at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA. Originally from the Chicago area, our family moved to CA approximately 5 years ago to join the team at Saddleback.

I’ve always been drawn to the mechanical and technical aspects of production and have a real passion for studio production and live mixing. In my current role, I get to lead the team that supports all events and live broadcasts from our main campus. I still frequently find myself doing all sorts of hands-on projects to keep my construction and troubleshooting skills sharp. Recently I’ve enjoyed serving as FOH mix engineer with some well-known artists as well.

I’ve only been into EDC for a little over a year. Last Christmas my dad gifted me a Spyderco Delica, Benchmade Mini Griptilian, and a 12 space knife case. I think he knew what he was doing when he included the case!

No way could I resist filling the 10 sad, empty spaces. I started carrying one of the knives daily as a way to be a bit more connected to my dad. I didn’t realize how many times I’d have use for a knife in my days.

Shortly after starting to carry daily, memories of my granddad offering his well-worn pocket knife to open gifts, whittle a stick, scrape something clean, or pry something free flooded my mind. Suddenly I had a whole new motivation. I want to pass these memories on to my kids and grandkids someday too. This was the last factor that really solidified my commitment to carrying pocket tools.

Shortly after, I stumbled on some Instagram posts of EDC gear and found that there were whole accounts entirely dedicated to these beautiful EDC tool layouts. This really kick-started my interest in other EDC tools and the edc community on Instagram.

My eldest daughter and I set up a dedicated account for EDC pics and started posting daily. She taught me about photo filters and hashtags and I became interested in seeing how good I could make my posts look using natural light and my phone camera.

So far, this hobby has been so rewarding! I’m learning new skills in sewing, leatherwork, knife modding, photography; meeting so many great community members, and teaching my family and friends about what I’m learning. I’m committed to daily posts through the year and will see what’s next after that!

Finally, when it comes to hobbies, EDC has definitely become my main obsession. I’ve never really had a hobby that could be scaled to fit my life. I’ve always gotten into pretty consuming interests. This is different in that I can give it the time I have and it’s not requiring great effort to keep up with. Learning about, collecting, carrying, and using quality pocket tools is a super fun way to bring a little extra joy to my life.

Favorite EDC Tool?

It’s so hard to pick just one item but I think the Benchmade Bugout really fits my needs and style quite well. I love how light and easy to carry it is. It’s a great slicer and it’s long enough that things like cutting foam blocks, food prep, and slicing are not a problem.

Secondly, I don’t use it super often but it’s so handy to have a small pen handy for the odd signature, business card swap, etc that seem to never have pens handy. The space pen fits this bill so well at a really affordable price.

What's On Your Gear Radar?

This past year has been pretty heavy with a huge learning curve into the world of EDC and I dove in headfirst. With the continual support of my dad, I’ve managed to collect many of the tools I really was curious about. That said, there is always more out there. I think this year will focus on refining the collection a bit and chasing a few gems. I’m anxiously awaiting the hopeful release of the production Shamwari. This will likely be one of my next acquisitions.

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