April 22, 2020

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature a member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

From the rugged mountains of Blue Ridge Mountains, we talk to the rugged Trey (@edc_dump_365). Plying his trade as a masonry worker and construction, Trey first got into EDC by way of the gram (where else?) and immediately found his people. Fun fact – Trey is about to get married and might already be married when you read this. So, read on for the full story and send some good vibes his way!

What's in your carry?

  • Main Knife: Kershaw Blur
    This comes with a useful tanto/serrated blade. I need a good solid blade for work because I’m constantly cutting open concrete mix bags, cutting straps, rope, and cutting wire.

  • Backup Knife: CRKT Squid
    I won this knife from a buddy of mine and it’s just an all-around great knife. Everything about it is great, it’s my backup knife and stays in my pocket organizer just in case I lose or forget my main knife.

  • Notebook Cover: Handmade
    Made this myself and it holds a Log+Jotter notepad. I’m taking notes for work and writing down lists for work to complete for the day and just general daily notes that I need to remember.

  • Pen: Peter McKinnon x Big Idea Design 
    I had wanted a Big Idea Design pen for a while, and Peter McKinnon got me into photography, so once I found out about his pirate life page and his collab with Big Idea Design, I had to have the pen. It’s a solid writing tool and I honestly won’t pick any other pen if I can help it.

  • Pocket Organizer: Handmade
    I also made this myself. It holds 5 cards and a couple of bills. Having gone through wallet after wallet and not finding something to suit my style, I went and made my own to try my hand at leatherwork and see how I’d do. Well, it’s held up for almost one year and it’s patina-ing very nicely.

  • Pry bar: Brasswerx
    I won a GAW a few years back and the prize had a Brasswerx pry bar in it. When I got it it had rolls on the edge, so I hit up John and he sent me the one I have which is the first Brasswerx pry bar with a brass casing in it. It’s very special to me and I use it almost every day.

  • Belt: Handmade
    I made this a couple of months ago. I’m a big guy and go through clothes like crazy, well I go through belts pretty fast unless they’re good quality, so I tried my hand at a belt and it was super easy. I’ve worn it every day since I made it, and I’m probably wearing it now. But it’s a great belt and I’m proud to have something I made that keeps my pants up.

What's your story?

My name's Trey Lloyd and I'm based out of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. I’m a masonry work/general construction contractor. I’m 19 and I'm about to be or will be married whenever this goes up!

I first got into EDC when I got my first knife and found the EDC community on the gram. I saw all these big pages and all these fancy knives and gear and it just kicked off from there. I started buying gear and talking to different people and learning what I could whenever I could. I’ve made dozens of friends along the way and am happy where I am.

As you can probably guess, my passions and hobbies revolve around carpentry, leatherwork, photography, gear photography, hiking, and camping.

Favorite EDC Tool?

My favorite piece of gear has to be my Brasswerx pry bar.

I had previously won a pry bar in a GAW from John, and when it got to me there were significant rolls on the edge. I shot a message to him and he kindly sent me the one I currently have. Which was the first production pry bar that had a shell casing on it, which blew me away that he’d go above and beyond like this. 

What's On Your Gear Radar?

The next piece of gear I want is a Benchmade Freek 560-1. I just love the looks of it and the red liners on the back just hit home.

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