October 21, 2020

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member from the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

From the tip of Texas, we talk to Cody (@j0lly71m3) who serves as a Patrol Sergeant in the Sheriff's Office. Outfitted with his signature red-tinted Ray-Bans, Cody maintains the chain of command with his custom frame-lock, slip joint and flashlight. Read on for Cody's full rig rundown and find out how he first got into EDC!

Featured Tools:

  • Frame-lock: Brian Brown Knives Yeager #18
    This is one of my favorite knife designs. The first time I saw one I knew I had to have it. This one features blasted and contoured titanium handles with Timascus back-spacer and pocket clip, with an amazing CTS-XHP blade. Brian's work is always amazing his customer service is top notch, and he's always working hard to be the best. 

  • Slip joint: Don Southard Dogleg (01 tool steel)
    I have been gravitating towards traditional knives more and more over the past few years. There's something beautiful about knife designs that have been around over 100 years. This Dogleg features beautiful ironwood covers with jewelled brass liners, fluted brass bolsters, and a brass double bomb shield. Don is another maker that is doing great things and will only be going up.

  • Flashlight: Okluma DC1 (brass)
    It features a 3 x Nichia 219C LEDs, and produces up to 800 lumens with a 18350 battery. This Okluma is a great EDC light it can adapt to almost any situation with it's four modes from moonlight to it's highest output. Jeff has a great no questions asked warranty to back up each light and along with everything else in my photo it's made right here in the USA.

  • Hank: Two Pony Hankies
    Keeping everything off the ground is a plaid Hank by Two Pony Hankies. Made in the USA great service, great price, and great quality.

  • Worry Stone: Hate Project
    My titanium pig is named Georgia after my grandmother. I got it from one of the greatest charity groups "The Hate Dust Project". It's my worry stone, bottle popper, and my reminder to do good as often as I can, which in these times isn't a bad thing.

  • Shades: Ray-Ban Caravan
    Custom red lenses and gun metal frames. They are lightweight and keep the sun out of my eyes.

What's your story?

I live in a small town called Dumas, Texas, way up in the chimney of Texas. I am a Patrol Sergeant for the Moore County Sheriff's Office.

I enjoy photography, cycling, firearms, cooking and spending time with my amazing family. I really got into EDC through Instagram. I saw a Grayman Dua and instantly fell in love.

At that point I knew I had to have one I sold all of the knives I owned and ended up with two Duas and down the rabbit hole I went. 

Favorite EDC Tool?

Of all the gear it's definitely hard to pick a favorite but I would probably say the Southard Dogleg. It was one of the first knives I got that I was able to decide all of the details and materials I wanted. 

What's next on your gear radar?

I have a few things coming up on the horizon including several custom slip joints and a few custom folders.

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