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November 04, 2020

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member from the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

For this week’s community showcase, we talk to Madison (@ntrovrt_) from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is currently a full-time student specializing in mechanical engineering. Read on to find out how her background influences her choice of daily carry!

Featured Tools:

  • Knife: Spyderco Techno
    The Spyderco Techno was my first “serious” knife purchase. I spent hours researching for the perfect knife for me and it seemed to check all the boxes. I love Titanium and I have tiny hands. The dimensions fit comfortably in my tiny girl pockets, and the design was still intimidating for its size. I usually like to switch up my knife carry, but I always seem to go back to my trusty Techno.

  • Light: Muyshondt Maus Mk. I Titanium
    The Muyshondt Maus Mk. I Titanium was a gift given to me by my dad (a fellow “EDCer”) for my 19th Birthday. I had my eye on it for awhile. It’s small, perfect for my keychain, and packs one hell of a punch for its size. The style, quality and manufacturing are second to none. I never realize how much I use it until the rare occasion I forget and leave it at home.

  • Pen: Ti2 Designs Techliner
    I’ve been a long time fan and supporter of Ti2 Designs; their Kickstarter campaigns are what led me to discover the Instagram EDC community, which eventually encouraged me to create an account of my own. I honestly feel naked without having a pen on me. I keep my Techliner in my purse/pocket and it’s accessible at all times. I love the look and feel of the titanium. It matches all my other gear and the lanyard cap comes in handy.

  • Watch: Seiko Steel Kinetic Diver’s Watch SKA427
    Love this watch. Initially, I was worried that the sheer size and mass would be an issue for me and my tiny wrist. On the contrary, it is an extremely comfortable watch and built like a tank (and could probably stop a bullet if needed). Its rough exterior hides its coolest feature, the electromechanical kinetic movement. It’s like having the best of both worlds, a self-winding mechanical movement and a battery that never dies.

  • Keychain: Fallout HALO-biner Ti2 Design Vox Collab
    They had me at Halo and Fallout; apart from being a diehard Halo and Fallout video game fan, I also loved the aggressive look and design of the carabiner. The HALO-biner clips on my purse strap or pant loop for easy access to my keys or flashlight, oh and did I mention it’s Titanium too.

  • Bead/Bottle opener: Vosofferyn kNUCLEUSjr
    I stumbled across Vosofferyn’s kNUCLEUSjr on Instagram while trying to find a lanyard bead for my Techno. The design, lines and stonewashed Titanium look matched perfectly. The bead also doubles as a cool bottle opener, but being under 21, it never opens more than the occasional glass-bottled Coke.

  • Fiddle: Ntrovrt Happy/Sad Worry Coin
    Initially, the Happy/Sad Worry Coin started off as a project for my dad and I to test out the limits of our new CNC router. We were looking for something that would challenge its 3D machining capabilities and… I won’t lie, adding it to my EDC collection was also a slightly selfish perk/bonus. The simple/cute looks can be deceiving, there’s not a flat surface or straight line on this guy and the CNC machined tool-path generates a unique pattern and texture.


My name is Madison, and I’m currently a full-time student studying mechanical engineering. I would say I’ve unknowingly been an EDC enthusiast for most of my life, but only recently became familiar with the term and community. 

Having grown up in a family of racers and motorsports professionals, my appreciation and love for high-tech gadgetry and exotic materials was instilled in me at an early age. I would collect pens, watches, knives, rocks - anything, you name it!

As for hobbies go, I’ve always been quite hands on and drawn to computer aided design (CAD) and manufacturing. I love bringing my ideas and designs to life. There’s nothing more rewarding than going from a sketch on a piece of paper to a tangible part in your hand. On the flip side, I also enjoy gardening, outdoor activities, coffee, and video games in my free time.  

Favorite EDC Tool:

This is such a hard question. I can say over the past couple years, I have discovered many amazing makers and EDC gear; choosing one is very difficult. Don’t even get me started on hanks! 

My carry varies depending on my mood, but no matter what I always have my Happy/Sad coin in my pocket. The little guy has helped me through some stressful moments (public speaking class, school presentations, etc.) and always puts a smile on my face. For that reason, I would have to pick the “home team”, our (Dad and I’s) little creation, the Ntrovrt Happy/Sad Worry Coin. 

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