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June 15, 2021

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

A social worker by trade, Yannic's (@sparrow_edc) favorite EDC tool is his watch because it's important to track time if one of his clients has an epileptic seizure. Read on for the full rig rundown of his exquisite carry, and find out all about that huge GEC blade that you're definitely wondering about.

Featured Tools:

  • Knife: Great Eastern Cutlery #46 Whaler
    The #46 Whaler from GEC is one massive knife and comes with lovely Desert Iron Wood scales. This is a knife that begs to be used. I was surprised how sharp this knife was when I got it. The big blade helps with everyday tasks, especially food preparation.

  • Hank: Real Men Carry Hank
    To wipe the knife and take care of it, since carbon steel can rust, I have always a hank with me in my left back pocket. I love Real Men Carry hanks because they are rugged yet thin in the pocket. They just work and are there if I need them.

  • Watch: Baltic Aquascaphe 
    My watch, the Baltic Aquascaphe, is one of my favorite pieces in my carry. Since I got it, it hasn't left my wrist. It has a reliable automatic movement and looks amazing. There are so many different shades of blue on the face, it feels like you have the ocean on your wrist.

  • Wallet: Loyal Stricklin Johnny Wallet
    I needed a thin wallet because I have it in my front left pocket. The Johnny Wallet from Royal Stricklin checks all the boxes: thin leather wallet, stores my 5 cards and cash in the back, plus PATINA PATINA PATINA.

  • Pen: Handmade
    The pen I have is handmade by a co-worker from my wife. This is my second one from him and I am so satisfied with his work. Coffee themed because I am clearly addicted and honestly do not function without a good cup of coffee in the morning.

  • Notebook cover: Wolfwood Supply "Bard" Field Notes Cover
    I store this pen in my Wolfwood Supply Bard. My memory isn't the best, so writing down thoughts, ideas and meetings is important to me. I still forget things but not as much anymore.

  • Bag:Visconti Leather Bag
    Lastly, my Visconti bag. I've always hated bags of any sort. This bag, however, is small and comfortable. I have my tablet, as well as my camera and the Bard in it and love that my jacket pockets are finally empty.

      My story:

      My name is Yannic, I am 26 and live in southwest Germany. I work as a social worker so in my work, I have a lot to do with people, especially people with benefits.

      I don't need many tools, but I do need a knife to rely on. Combined with the strict knife laws here in Germany, that's why I chose a GEC.

      I first got into EDC by the YouTuber, Excessorize Me. I was (and actually still am) into mobile stuff and he covered a bunch of interesting stuff on his channel. From there, I discovered Best Damn EDC and since then, I can't stop.

      In my free time, I recently got a camera and I want to learn how to take pictures. I also play video games with my wife. One other hobby is the chase of the next knife, since GEC's are hard to get and even more difficult here in Germany.

      Favorite EDC Tool:

      Out of the listed items, picking one is hard. But I will choose my watch.

      My father always has a watch on his wrist and he gave his love of watches to me and my brother. Not only my watch remind me of him, but it is important to track time if one of my clients has an epileptic seizure.

      It fits my wrist perfectly and is just the perfect watch for me.

      What's On Your Gear Radar:

      I would like to get more GEC made knives, maybe a new wallet from Wolfwood Supply and second lens for my camera.

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