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August 18, 2021

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

From Nashville, Tennessee, we chat with the one and only Mads (@m.b.journal) who likes to keep things simple and sleek. Endlessly creative, Mads is a nature and landscape photographer, and has turned his attention to photographing his EDC ever since the pandemic started. Read on for Mads' full rig rundown, and learn all about what inspires him and his collection! 

Featured tools:

I try to keep a minimalistic as I can but no matter what I’ll always have a pen, knife and watch on me!

  • Pen: Big Idea Design Mini Click Pen
    This is my Big Idea Design Mini Click Pen in a stonewashed finish. I’m always filling out paperwork at work or signing something so a good pen is a must in my EDC!

  • Wallet: Veraforma
    Underneath my pen is a Veraforma Commodore minimalist wallet. I carry this wallet the most out of my 100’s of wallets. Haha, it’s so thin yet can hold up to 6 cards comfortably! I keep it in my front left pocket and it just disappears!

  • Watch: Smiths Everest
    This Smiths Everest is my go to watch right now! My absolute favorite! I recently acquired this timepiece through a good friend of mine. I’ve been on the hunt for this watch, for quite sometime now and I’m so happy I finally found one! Nowadays people have their phones or smart watches to tell time, but I like to keep traditional with an actual watch on the wrist. Call me old fashion, haha.

  • Knife: CRK Small Sebenza 31
    This knife is a beast. I’ve owned many full-sized CRK Sebenzas, but this Small Sebenza, like my wallet, just disappears in my pocket. I love it. It’s a knife I know that is reliable and built to last.

My story:

My name is Madison but I go by Mads! I’m based out of Nashville, Tennessee and I’m currently working as a Team leader (manager) at an Aluminum Plant!

I’m happily married with 3 crazy but amazing children! And aside from collecting EDC items, I also collect candles and coffee mugs haha.

I’ve been into EDC basically my whole life but just now actually started knowing and understanding what everyday carry is and means to me. I started hardcore collecting EDC items such as knives, pens, watches, coins about a year ago now. And haven’t looked back!

So, I started out shooting nature and landscape photography and have been doing such for about 3 years. Well, then the pandemic happened and stay at home order was put into affect.

I need to express my creativity so I pulled out my iPhone and started taking pictures of my EDC items. Decided to start up a new Instagram (@m.b.journal) and dedicate that page for EDC photography.

I then found massive influencers such as BestDamnEdc, Peter McKinnon, etc and absolutely fell in love with the EDC community! I’ve made friends all around the world through this IG page! And I couldn’t be more happy and grateful!

Favorite EDC tool:

So my favorite gear would be the Smiths Everest watch! It Gives me a feeling of happiness every time I look down at my wrist. Full of history and overall joy! Something a smart watch doesn’t do. If that makes sense haha.

What's on my gear radar:

More knives!! I recently went through a rough time in my life which resulted in selling off most of my knives. So that being said it’s time to build back up the collection!! Main one on my radar is a OZ Machine Company Roosevelt! I had one before and I loved it!! Absolutely loved it! So I’m on the hunt for one!

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