September 28, 2021

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

From Germany, we speak to Tobias (@th_e_d_c) who works in construction for one of the largest forklift manufacturers. Tobias first go into EDC by way of searching for an SAK – and as we all know how it goes – the rest is history. Read on for the full rig rundown of Tobias impressively sleek EDC, and find out what are his two favorite pieces of gear!

Featured tools:

  • Fixed blade 01: DailyKnives AK1
    The first knife is the DailyKnives AK1 Droppoint Regrind with natural Canvas Micarta scales. A beautiful small fixed blade. Perfect length and I love two change the scales. So easy to get a "new" knife in minutes. I carry it in a Kydex sheath. It is my workhorse for gardening and my wife's favorite package opener…

  • Fixed blade 02: Giantmouse GMF-1 PVD
    The second fixed blade is the Giantmouse GMF-1 PVD. I love the design and the handy shape. Back then, the GMF-1 was the first to get me to the fixed blades.

    I occasionally switch between the leather and Kydex sheath. As an accessory: Combatbeads Concealed Bead black Ti and aged copper. 

  • SAK 01: Custom Victorinox Classic SD
    This is my Victorinox Classic SD with DailyCustoms copper scales. It is my backup, if I carry a SAK without scissors. The patina is great. 

  • SAK 02: Custom Victorinox Spartan PS
    This is the Victorinox Spartan PS. This multitool is my first 91mm SAK and a birthday present from my wife. Scales: DailyCustoms Fluted Copper with copper cross inlay. The black tools go perfectly with the copper. 

  • Pry: Anso Prybar12 
    After repairing the blades of some knives, I just needed one of these. No inlay, no frills. Just a tool. I really like the design. 

  • Folder: Benchmade Bugout 535
    My very first folding knife. I bought it in Ranger Green. In the beginning it was a big deal to spend so much money on a knife, but I fell in love.. After thinking about it for a long time, I switched to Flytanium copper scales this year.

    The patina is great. And it changes often. That's what I like about copper. The weight has increased extremely, of course. I use this knife for everything. No matter if rough or fine work. Lots of scars, lots of character.

  • Pen: Big Idea Design Pro
    Big Idea Design Pocket Pro Copper. It looks good, is sturdy and writes. Did I mention that I love patina? 

  • Utility knife: Big Idea Design TPT Slide
    Flat, light weight. I removed the pocket clip, exchanged the box opener for a sharp stainless steel blade and attached a Combatbeads Mini Moab in Titanium. 

My story:

I work in the construction of one of the largest forklift manufacturers. I live in Germany near Hamburg and I am the proud father of a daughter and a son.

I spend most of my free time with my family. I came into EDC by looking for a Swiss Army Knife. That's what got me on Instagram. After seeing a lot of great photos, I started to take pictures of my gear. EDC was like quicksand to me.

The more I resisted, the deeper I sunk in. As a result, I also met a lot of great people who have supported me many times. And now it's one of my greatest passions, with which I spend the rest of my personal time.

Favorite EDC tool:

I got two favorite items. First one is the Victorinox Spartan PS Fluted Copper. The SAK was a personal gift and I love the custom scales.

The second one is the Big Idea Design TPT Slide. For me the TPT Slide is kind of a fidget toy. It is just useful, small, light and fits in every pocket. Also my first choice as a bottle opener and in my pocket almost every day.

What's on my gear radar:

The list includes a flippertap knife and an EDC knuck.

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