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November 02, 2021

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature a member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

From down under, we speak to (@raffco_edc) who dedicates his time and energy to supporting disadvantage youths in the community. An avid knife enthusiast, Raffaele cut his teeth and acquired his love for blades while working for his dad in the kitchen! Read on for Raffaele's gloriously golden carry, and find out the meaningful story behind his custom Coin of Strength. 

Featured Tools:

  • Watch: Garmin Fenix 6X
    My go-to wrist pieces are my Garmin watches, this is the Fenix 6X solar titanium edition. I’m an active person so using a fitness tracker is something I need on me every day.

  • Hank: Black Raven Hanks
    Always got to have a hank on me, this one is my favourite from Black Raven Hanks, it’s the Viking series and has awesome Norse and Nordic symbols.

  • Notebook: Lofty Craft
    This is a custom leather notebook holder from Lofty Craft. We spend so much time on devices, sometimes its nice to use a pen and paper. Aaron made this custom for me. Coin slip and outside pen holder are important things I like about these.

  • Knife: Urban EDC F5.5 (exclusive)
    This is the F5.5 designed by Voxnaes. This Urban EDC exclusive is a great carry. Although those who follow my Instagram know I have a strict rotating policy on knives. The reason why I featured this is because Vox Designs are my favourite type of knives. The way they hold are perfect and the size of mist of his designs are excellent for Melbourne carry. We have strict carry rules in Melbourne, so this knife fits the criteria.

  • Coin: Gladius_Files
    Coin of Strength by the @Gladius_Files – this coin has a special meaning to it, the lion’s head is associated with the representation of strength. The Lion has always appeared powerful to me, and its presence can be interpreted as a positive representation of your self-confidence and personal power. As such, lions point to qualities of strength, courage and assertiveness.

  • SAK: Victorinox
    I've got so many of them, and they are just a great carry. The different tools or secondary knife is always important. I have no preference to model, other than I’m a mod guy, so my go too SAKs are my modded ones.

  • Flashlight: Olight i3T EOS
    This is just an important carry, when don’t you ever need a torch, also a great version the brass i3T EOS. These versions are so easy to carry small yet powerful enough for what I need.

What's your story:

My name is Raffaele and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I have been a youth worker for over 20 years, supporting young people experiencing disadvantaged within our community.

I have always found a reason to support and mentor young people who may not have the opportunities I have had. However, my family background is in hospitality, so part of the knife obsession comes from the kitchen. I supported my father for 16 years in hospitality and spent most of my early teens and mid-20s in a kitchen or behind a pizza oven!

Photography is a great hobby of mine, using my drone and creating photos and digital memories. But what really keeps sane, is my passion for mountain biking and trail running.

I enjoy the outdoors and always up for a long ride or run, this includes hiking and the great outdoors. We are lucky in Australia there are many places to explore. However, the main hobby is my family, spending time with family is more valuable to me than anything else.

Favorite EDC Tool:

That’s tough, but I’ll have to admit it has to be my coins, I love to carry coins have for many years. They are my go-to fidget item, the community lately has become an amazing place to get good treasures. This coin is one I designed and made myself. Reminding me of many things and keeps me grounded.

What's On Your Gear Radar:

I’m after few things lol, I’m keen to add a Vero Engineering Lefty Axon in my collection got my eyes on this for sure.

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