April 27, 2022

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

From Switzerland, we chat with Carrey who works as a Project Manager for a pharmaceutical company. Because of his job, Carrey travels extensively and has optimized his everyday carry to suit his specific needs. Read on for the full rig rundown and find out Carrey's true reason for getting into EDC. 

Featured Tools:

  • Knife: Fox Knives Suru Arctic Storm (limited edition)
    I like small knives and Voxnaes Designs a lot. The fat carbon scales are really beautiful in real life (photos do not give them justice) and with the CPM- 20CV steel it becomes a little workhorse.

    Small and sturdy and it will not give a f*** at what you are throwing at it.. Also the titanium framelock with the thicker blade locks in with such a nice sound which gives me goosebumps. 

  • SAK: Victorinox Compact with Daily Customs titanium scales
    For me, in an urban environment, the Compact is the best Victorinox. It just has the right combination of tools (scissors, tweezers and the needle, you won't believe how often I use it) and it is nice to have a secondary blade in case you need to cut food for the kids and you have been poking in some nasty stuff before. I recently upgraded it with the Daily Customs (a small Hamburg based company) scales which brought it to another level. 

  • Flashlight: Olight E3T EOS Titan
    I like the small form factor of a AAA flashlight after all, though, I appreciate the length. Maybe I'm getting old, there is now a too small for me. The simple user interface with 5 and a 180 lm is perfect for me. In an EDC situation, I do not need more during a regular day. I do like back clicky flashlights a lot more and the price was more than reasonable.

  • Pen: Fisher Space Pen Bullet
    The small form factor was the main reason I was drawn to it. It vanished in my pocket and it came in really handy. The black one was the best haptic when I was trying the different models site by site. That it will write under all conditions is a nice add on but not a necessity for me.

  • Wallet: Secrid Miniwallet Vintage Chocolate
    This is my main wallet with the ability to also store bills. I like the mechanism to fan out the card which works perfect and it holds all the cards I need. I tripped over it at my local dealer and was instantly in love. The leather is now aging nicely with leaving little scratches etc. Overall small and does the job + looks good at it. 

  • Key organizer: Orbitkey Organizer
    A key organizer is crucial to me since I am also often wearing functional outdoor stuff, and this is to prevent damages to the garment. The crazy horse leather is just nice and ages so nicely. Overall I liked the color a lot. It also helps to keep the volume down since the keys are not fanning out.

  • Keychain light: Olight i2R EOS
    Super small, cheap (I got it for free) and rechargeable keychain flashlight. It is a just in case always around backup flashlight with two modes.

    Key hook: 877workshop Driver Fish Hook St Christopher brass
    Fish hook keychain made in Japan with a St Christopher which is the holy patron of travelers. Before Covid I have been traveling quite a bit, hence, I liked the idea that somebody is having an eye on me I am traveling. The hook itself is super easy to get on and off your pants, super convenient.

  • Attachment: Peak Design
    To my keychain there is also a Peak Design attachment, simply while traveling I use their backpack and I can securely attach the chains with it without worrying that I will lose them.

  • Hank: Infinity
    A hank with a microfiber cloth coming in practical wearing glasses as well as cleaning your knife or hands.

  • Case: Rapha Rainproof Essential Case
    I am living as a foreigner in Switzerland and need to carry a rather bulky ID. The case also holds my wallet, a bit of band aid, some coins etc. It guarantees that the stuff does not get icky when throwing in the back pocket of my jersey while out riding (living close to borders I need to have my documents with me). Additionally I do not need to think twice using different bags that I miss to stuff the needed ID etc.

  • Worry stone: Shire Post Mint Hammered Worry Stone
    Just a worry coin made from copper. Like that the coin is made of copper due its antibacterial properties. It sits in my pocket and is my fidget tool if the knife might not be appropriate.


      Hi, I'm Carrey and I'm based in Switzerland working as a project manager optimizing processes for a big pharmaceutical company. Hence, I do travel the world for work quite a bit.

      Over the years, I developed some needs/taste to what I do need while on the road (a blade, scissors, tweezers etc.) or privately roaming with kids. I went all the way carrying too much to not have at hand what I need… I hope that I am hitting by now a sweet spot. Oh well, ask me in a year or two when everything has changed again...

      Besides work, I enjoy the outdoors with my kids in Switzerland. Hiking or just being outside. And for over 30 years, I've been a passionate bike rider. Mostly mountain and downhill biking + commuting to work.

      Lately, I switched to the new trend of gravel riding since it is more like the 90's mountain biking, and I can combine fun and commuting a bit easier since I can now hit the local trails a lot easier without losing the ability to go fast on the road. For me the perfect combination. The riding also clears my thoughts after hard days at work.. 

      Growing up next to one of the traditional German knife towns (Solingen), I had always been drawn to knives. Even my Grand Grandfather assembled knives for a living.

      I really got into EDC through my travels and kids. It might have been laziness, to just having the needed things “on board”, rather than packing it up every time or running around in the house fetching it. I guess I am just plain lazy.

      Favorite EDC Tool:

      Puh, hard one. If you need to press me, the Vic Compact with the Daily Customs scales. It just has the most needed things in a small form factor which vanishes in my pocket. With the scales it is just the next level and the haptic has improved so much I could not believe it. Close second is my key chain with the hook.

      What's On Your Gear Radar:

      If I find a similar sized flashlight with back click and a real moonlight modes (handy to check on the kids during night) for a reasonable price (below 50 bucks) – I am tempted.

      Besides that I am currently quite happy and it works really well. Though, the main blade is also on rotation with Benchmade Mini Bugout (with Micarta Flytanium Scales) and the Mini Bugout blacked out (super stealthy with black pants for the office). There is only one next knife, and then I am done...

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