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May 24, 2022

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature a member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

“Hello, my name is Corban (@hideandgrit) and I love multi-tools.” With that out of the way, we can delve into Corban’s impressive collection of Leatherman tools, ranging from the compact Micra to the innovative Free P4. When he’s not working on his collection, Corban also works with leather (Horween leather in particular). Read on for the full story and find out how he deploys his different tools in his day-to-day. 

Featured Tools:

  • Multi-tool 01: Leatherman Free P4
    I love this tool because as advertised, it's so easy to use the Free magnetic one-handed opening feature while I'm holding something up on the job! I usually use it in the car shop and I chose it because who wouldn't want a free hand to work with?

  • Multi-tool 02: Leatherman Free T4
    I like the Leatherman Free T4 because it's like the Free P4 without some of the extra bulk and an all-around great tool for quick access to essential tools! I chose this tool because when I'm on a quick job that doesn't require pliers, I just snip out this bad boy and get the job done. I usually use it around the shop.

  • Multi-tool 03: Leatherman Charge TTi
    I love my Charge TTi because it's like a Leatherman Wave but in my opinion, a little better. I use it around my everyday life and you really can't go wrong with light Titanium scales, an S30V main blade and a strap cutter implemented on the Serrated blade!

  • Multi-tool 04: Leatherman Wave + Crimson Signal
    These are the 2 Leatherman you'll always find in my bookbag. 3 is plenty, 2 is one and one is none!

  • Multi-tool 05: Leatherman MiniTool
    Man, I actually use this thing more times than I can count because believe it or not, it's actually full-sized pliers with retractable handles but this is small enough to have access to almost anywhere!

    I chose this because you can never go wrong with a mini-set of full-sized pliers and I use this in the shop for all those hard to reach places and it's saved me numerous times!

  • Multi-tool 06: Leatherman Squirt PS4
    In my humble opinion, the Squirt PS4 (Plier Scissors 4) is one of the best little multi-tools you can buy. It literally has everything you need! I typically use this every day when I don't have access to my Minitool and I need a quick, small pair of pliers or a small blade!

  • Multi-tool 07: Leatherman Micra
    Alright, you have to agree the Micra has one of the best scissors money can buy! This little thing is a beast! I chose this multitool because every day there's always something that I need to cut, tweeze, or fiddle with and the Micra is the tool for the job! I typically use this tool in the shop and ESPECIALLY when I go fishing to mess with fishing line, lures, and MacGyvering!

  • Knife: Otter Messer Large Brass Mercator
    I've always loved the classiness that brass has, so when I saw this on Instagram in someone's layout, I had to have it! This German-made carbon screen bladed knife with brass handles is absolutely awesome! I usually use this as a nice and classy main blade!

  • Knife 02: CRKT Pilar
    Because Voxnaes! What's not to love about this thing? Jesper Voxnaes design, thick, mini-cleaver-esq main blade, and you really can't beat the price! I use this on the daily as a back-up blade!

  • Knife 03: Rough Rider Old Southwest Canoe knife
    Rough Rider may be knives on the cheap, but their blade sharpness and design sharpness speak for themselves! I chose this knife in particular because I've always loved the Old Southwest and art that comes with it. I live in Oklahoma and have lived in the South all my life, so the art and culture have always stuck with me! I use this knife for everyday cutting tasks and it's a very nice conversation piece!

  • Flashlight: Olight I3T EOS Copper
    Because who doesn't love copper?! I love this thing for the simple fact that it's a nice thick copper and its bright as hell! I chose this light because the price wasn't bad, I love patina, it's copper, and it's a little workhorse! I use this light specifically for everyday carry and on the go!

  • SAK 01: Victorinox Tinker
    This is the SAK that I usually keep in a bag or in a sheath on the go. I like this SAK because the cellidor is tough, it has a great screwdriver, the awl is fantastic, and it's always nice to have a backup SAK sometimes as well!

  • SAK 02: Victorinox Pioneer
    My go-to SAK. Special Edition Dark Grey Pioneer. I've had this thing for a while now and it's always apart of my everyday rotation! I chose this SAK because I have Cadet, but I wanted something a little bigger with a few more functions, and this is the one! I usually use it for small everyday tasks like cutting, bottle popping, and prying!

  • SAK 03: Victorinox Mini Champ
    I'm a HUGE Leatherman nerd, but I've always wanted an Alox Minichamp. I decided to go on Ebay randomly one day and lookup an 'Alox Minichamp' just to see if anyone was letting go of one.

    Lo and behold, as I'm scrolling, an elusive and rare Red Victorinox Minichamp pops up out of California and I had to pull the trigger on it! Seeing how you cant find them in the states, it was a no brainer! I use my Minichamp for all kinds of tasks like cutting, opening letters, filing, and everything else this packed up multitool has to offer!

  • Lighter: Custom Zippo
    I bought an engraver and went to town on a couple of Zippos! I like this one in particular because the quote just speaks to me! I believe in always getting outside and finding new horizons! I've been told by an EDC old-timer to always carry a source of fire, a knife, and a light! Although I don't smoke, it's always a peace of mind to have a fire because you never know what life will throw at you!

  • Pry Tool: Boker Plus Access Tool
    I like this pry because it's Titanium, has a strong and ergonomic prying tip, and I can clip it just about anywhere! I usually use it at work for push-pins, prying, and box cutting!

  • Watch: Timex Weekender
    This comes with a Horween Natural Dublin custom strap. I bought a Timex and decided Horween leather was the best for it, so I made one up!

  • Utility Tool: CRKT Snailor with a custom sheath
    I've always liked the original Vox snailors but like most people, have never been able to get my hands on one. As soon as CRKT put these out, I pulled the trigger! It has a very nice bottle opener but also has a very drunken personality! He would never shut up, so I made him a custom slip to quiet him down a bit!

  • Coin: Skullz and Skoundrelz
    I've known Nick Taylor over at S&S for years now and he's done quite a few pieces for me. He specializes in custom everyday carry pocket pieces and he does an amazing job, so I had to get him to hook me up with a Pink Floyd inspired brass coin!

What's your story:

My name is Corban Marcantel and right now, I reside in the beautiful (eh) town of Lawton, Oklahoma! Although I'm not originally from Oklahoma, I've lived here for about 6 years now.

I was born in Houston, TX. I moved to a small barrier island town off of the southern coast of Texas called Port Aransas when I was 11 and graduated high school there. I was an avid cross country and track runner and upon graduation, received a paid scholarship to run and attend Cameron University here in Lawton.

After a few years, I hung up the running shoes to pursue the real world. In May of 2016, I started working for Nissan as a detailer, moved to the Lube and Tire shop and then got promoted to the Main Shop to be a mainline mechanic/technician.

I first got into EDC through leather and leatherworking throughout the IG community in 2014. I always found myself fascinated with pages like Loyal Stricklin, Ewing Dry Goods and Corter Leather and Cloth and many, many others!

As my love for Horween Leather grew, I eventually got into leatherworking myself, which can be reflected through my layout! As my work got better, people would ask me to make sheaths/slips for their EDC gear, which sparked my love and interest for EDC.

I never had a whole lot growing up and when I was younger, I lost all of my childhood memorabilia in a bad flood, so the idea of always having something personal on your person and always being prepared to help yourself and others is an awesome feeling.

In my free time I love fixing cars, leatherworking, Leatherman collecting, running, being outside and adventuring, skateboarding, surfing and being an EDC enthusiast.

Favorite EDC Tool:

I would say the Leatherman Free P4 because unlike my other Leatherman, the Free technology in this thing unreal and you can do one-handed everything! Its helped me out so much when I have to hold something with one hand on the job or whip out a tool on the quick and ready!

What's On Your Gear Radar:

I would like to acquire the highly anticipated Leatherman Free K4 upon release, the Leatherman Crunch, and a Kershaw Dividend with M390 blade steel because someone snatched it off my toolbox at work and I thought hey, might as well get another one and upgrade the steel a bit!

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