July 20, 2022

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A global citizen by way of Los Angeles, Ethan (@overkilledc) is a new father, English teacher, board gamer, secret smoker and barista. When it comes to knives, it's all about the timeless beauty of a traditional pocket knife for Ethan. Read on to learn about his burning passion for slip joints and how he's making the most of these strange times.

What's in your carry?

  • Fixed Blade: Lockjaw Knives
    I recently bought this fixed blade belt knife from Tony Bones, who is Lockjaw Knives, and it hasn’t left my pocket since I got it.

    This knife was Tony’s personal user, but he was nice enough to sell it to me when I inquired him about it. I had never carried a fixed blade before, so I bought this knife to see what it’s like. And it’s awesome.

    The sheath fits comfortably in my pocket, the knife handle easy access. The 52100HC blade has a beautiful profile and a nice rustic finish. The hidden tang handle is made of a variety of beautiful natural materials: polished stag, buffalo horn, stacked leather, brass, and a copper accent.

    Overall, the knife looks stunning, it feels great in hand, and it is very well made. I look forward to getting a lot of use out of this knife.

  • Folding Knife: Modded Benchmade Bugout
    When I first started getting into knives, the Bugout was really hot. So I got it and found out it really is a nice little knife. But I am not a fan of the plastic handles, so I got the Critter Scales and a backspacer from Rockscale Design and it makes a world of a difference.

    This knife is out in a flash and it disappears in my pocket just as quick. It’s strong and lightweight and super convenient. I use this knife for most of my cutting tasks, however, I plan on switching between this and my new fixed blade as my primary knife. For these quarantine days though, I’m carrying both.

  • Slip Joint 01: JB Caudill
    I had been following JB Caudill on Instagram and his knives really caught my eye. His style is bold and his knives look like they could take a real beating.

    So, when I saw this Barlow up for sale I had to get it. And boy can I say that this is the sturdiest slip joint I have ever handled. Strong snappy action, Thick 01 tool steel blade stock, stainless bolsters, 4 finger grip. It’s SOLID and I love it.

  • Slip Joint 02: Case Peanut
    The Case Peanut was a gift from a great uncle when I was a kid. It didn’t get much use because I had a few bigger knives already, but I was happy to find it tucked away in my closet at my parents' house.

    This is the knife I use when I need to cut something when I’m around my family or in public. It’s the knife I pass when someone asks to borrow a knife. It’s a sad little knife, the blade is so poorly centered it rubs against the liner.

  • SAK: Victorinox Classic
    My dad gave me this mini Victorinox Classic Swiss Army Knife, it’s a fine tool. I use the tweezers, nail file, and scissors the most. Not much to say because everyone knows what's up with this classic.

What's your story?

New father returns home to raise his child with his family, after living abroad teaching English. Just as things are getting started for our protagonist, the evil Coronavirus corrupts earth and society experience a complete shutdown.

What destiny awaits our hero next? Will he conquer the Coronavirus and rise victoriously to great fame and vast fortune? Or will he befall to a terrible fate corrupted by the tendrils of the very virus he sought to destroy!

I had been living in Bangkok where I was a teacher, and my wife and I ran a board game cafe. Then, two years ago, my wife and I had a baby and we decided to move back to my parents' house in LA and prioritize raising our son.

Things were going smooth, I was working as a barista close to home. I was spending a lot of time with my family and watching my baby turn into a little toddler. Trying to figure out a career. Then Corona shut everything down, and now I spend every day with my boy and that is the best silver lining possible.

We live in a slightly rural canyon where we spend time outside in the fresh air every day. Spending time with my son is the best.

I got into EDC ever since I was a boy. I always carried a knife until I moved to Thailand, where weapons are illegal. When I moved back to LA I started carrying a knife again and started researching more about knives because I’m naturally drawn to them.

That led me to discover all the EDC content on YouTube and Instagram. I started with a Benchmade Bugout, I tried a prybar, but it wasn’t for me, I lost an expensive bolt pen. And then the big thing happened – I discovered slip joints. And I went down the rabbit hole.

I love the timeless beauty and utility of a traditional pocket knife. The beauty of the knives really ignited my desire to take nice pictures of my knives and gear. So I started a habit of posting multiple posts a day.

I have been buying and selling and trading knives because I want to get my hands on all the patterns and variations and take photos of everything. Once I shoot all the patterns I want to make a photo book. I really enjoy the history of traditional knives and have learned a lot from @knifethoughts videos and articles on his website.

The other big thing that happened was I started meeting other people who shared my love for knives, and people who make knives and gear. In particular, I want to give a shoutout Jason and Zac.

Jason (@jwrichie76) does blade deletes and recovers on GECs. Jason just finished recovering my 93 and it looks amazing. It would probably be in this shot if the mail came sooner.

Zac Friedberg (@friedberg_fabrication) recently brought my dream to life when he made me a pipe-tamper with a secret hatpin. But the final result is much more stunning than I imagined. It gives you so much respect to the guys who start with an idea and turn it into something real. I feel so lucky to be alive right now in a true renaissance for knives and gear and connection between maker and user.

In my free time, I love drawing. This winter I bought a Morakniv whittling knife and I’ve been having a lot of fun carving wood with it. I really miss baseball.

A couple of months ago I found my old tobacco pipe and used it as a prop in some photos, and it reignited my love for pipesmoking. I ordered some tobacco, and now I’m a secret smoker in a full house – so I only smoke every couple days.

I love board games but I don’t get to play much anymore. I have been playing Pokemon Sword and it’s lots of fun. The next thing I want to learn is knife sharpening and general knife maintenance. I’m generally a light use guy, but I want to keep my tools tip top.

Favorite EDC Tool?

It’s a toss-up between the fixed blade and the Barlow. They are both high quality, one of a kind knives made by individual craftsmen. They also work together very well when carried together. Sorry if that’s a cop-out but I can’t choose between them at least not until I have more time with both of them.

What's On Your Gear Radar?

Carving with the Morakniv has got me really interested in carving, so I would like some more carving knives, as well as a Dremel.

I would love to get a slim wallet, there are so many options for good quality, well designed, handmade wallets I’m not sure where to begin.

I also would like to get a small flashlight. In any case, I probably won’t get any of this gear because really what I’m gonna spend my money on is more slip joints.

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