September 28, 2022

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member from the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

A modern working man, Josh (@wanderer.edc) is a General Fitter in the Distribution Field of Natural Gas, which means he's the 1st responder to gas leaks, carbon monoxide calls, and line hits. As such, he knows the importance of being prepared and the value of having the best tools for the job. Read on to find out how Josh first got addicted to knives, and what he has next on his razor-sharp gear radar. 

Featured Tools:

  • Knife: Benchmade 940 Osborne
    Ever since I developed an interest in pocket knives as a young kid I admired the Benchmade 940. The green aluminum scales, sleek design, blade shape, it was once a grail knife of mine. I've since expanded my collection of knives but still feel great joy while carrying the 940. It gives me a nostalgic thrill every time I carry it, from years of admiring it in pictures as a kid.
  • EDC Pouch: Hitch & Timber Duz-All
    I've been a huge fan of Hitch & Timber's photography and handmade leather goods for years. This Duz-All, in Crazy Horse leather hasn't left my pocket for about 2 years now, I carry it everyday. It carries all my EDC gear comfortably and has a rugged visual appearance I can't get enough of!
  • Pry Tool: Lynch NW AAP V2.5
    The All Access Pass has been on my EDC radar for years. Unfortunately, I've always seemed to miss the drops. It probably receives the most praise of any pocket pry tool in the EDC community, and for good reason.

    I finally got my hands on one and it's been my most carried pry tool ever since! I primarily use it to pry open valve covers, so I don't have to run back-and-forth to my work vehicle for tools.

  • Pocket Tool: Pharoah EDC (.45 Brasswerx Bead)
    I primarily carry the Pharaoh EDC Pocket Tool because I enjoy a good brew after a stressful day of work. It also looks darn good, I carry it on a daily basis because I enjoy seeing the patina develop overtime. I find myself often admiring this thing in the sunlight, with all the patina it's already developed from daily carry.

  • Pen: Hinderer Investigator Pen
    I carry a pen on me daily because I'm a pen and paper kind of guy. I carry a small notebook in my Duz-All on a daily basis. I use it to jot down quick notes and love the look and design of the investigator pen, especially in this copper battlefield pick up model.

  • Wallet: Willow Craft Goods Luxe Wallet
    I have a vast leather wallet collection, most of them being from small business leather workers. I rotate them often but always find myself going back to the Luxe by Willow Craft Goods. The design is very practical, it carries all of my cards and cash perfectly. I love the look, design and branding of this wallet. It's been a favorite EDC item of mine since the day I received it. 

  • Flashlight: Prometheus Beta QRV2 in Brass
    I carry a small AAA flashlight on me daily, mainly for use during my free time. During work I have to use an intrinsically safe flashlight due to the high explosive range of natural gas.

    I always like to be prepared though, having a light on me at all times gives me some peace of mind. Much like the Pharaoh, I enjoy carrying the Beta because it's raw brass, and I enjoy witnessing the patina develop over time.
  • Hank: Smith's Leather Balm Shop Rag
    I carry this rag, or a Handkerchief on me daily. Primarily for backdrops for pocket dumps and they're useful to wipe off dust on my camera lens or glasses.


I'm 23 years old, I live just outside of Meadville, Pennsylvania. I'm a General Fitter in the Distribution Field of Natural Gas. I'm the 1st  responder to gas leaks, carbon monoxide calls, and line hits. I inspect gas house lines and appliances, relight gas appliances, locate gas lines and do fitting and plumbing work and so on...

I started EDC as a young kid, when my father gifted me a Case Mini Trapper slip joint, I love that knife, carried it in my pocket daily for years.

Throughout High School I developed a knife addiction, I had a minimum wage job and spent just about every dime I made on knives. Over time I started collecting more EDC items, flashlights, pens, coins, even more knives, now it's become more of a lifestyle.

I'm an avid outdoorsman, spend much of my free time outdoors. I enjoy backpack camping, hunting, fly fishing and of course my most recent hobby, photography!

Favorite EDC Tool:

My favorite item on the list has to be the Benchmade 940. It's just a modern classic in the knife industry. Like I said before, it has an almost nostalgic feel every time I carry it, from years of admiration as a kid.

What's next on my Gear Radar:

Next on my radar is the Vox Urban EDC F5.5, I'm highly anticipating its release, I have it on pre-order! Voxnaes is by far one of my favorite knife designers. I find his knives very practical for daily use. I prefer smaller knives, and love the ergonomics and utilitarian designs he comes up with, I find them a joy to carry!

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