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Urban EDC Showcase

Showcase #48: Biomedical Scientist from Toronto, Canada

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member from our community and the gear they rely on everyday. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

For this week's community feature, we sit down with Frank (@instafr4nk) who is a biomedical research scientist from Toronto, Canada. Frank is a family man who enjoys the outdoors as much as working in a lab. Read on for the full rig rundown of Frank's beautifully assembled everyday carry!

Featured Tools:

  • Knife: Northwoods Fremont Jack 
    Northwoods has raised the bar for traditional slip joint knives with their sturdy built and amazing fit and finish. The Fremont Jack is one of the most popular designs and the denim micarta fits the rustic look perfectly. It's a knife that looks great but you don't have to be afraid to carry and use it.
  • Light: Foursevens Preon P1 Copper
    Despite a couple of functional flaws and its rather large size for an AAA flashlight, the copper Preon P1 has continued to find its way into my pocket. It has a very nice, simple design and has developed a beautiful patina.
  • Pry Bar: Zach Wood Clip-it (3V)
    Zach is not as established as Peter Atwood but he has quickly gained a large fan group. He is well known for creating tools that is robust enough for toughest of jobs. While I rarely require the services of a heavy duty pry bar, I enjoy having one around for when I do need it (I'm sure anyone who has ever broken off the tip of a knife will understand).
  • Pocket Tool: Atwood Wrunt
    Peter Atwood's tools are the gold standard when it comes to overbuilt keychain bottle openers and mini prybars. The Wrunt was one of my first Atwoods and has been a favorite ever since.
  • Pen: Maxmadco Bolt Action
    The Maxmadco pen is slim and perfectly balanced (at least for my hand). I find it very comfortable to write with and the bolt action mechanism is smooth and addictive. Over the years the bronze has taken a very nice patina.

  • Notebook: Saddleback Leather Notepad
    I am using the notepad holder every day at work. I've used it for more than three years and the (older style) tobacco brown leather is aging beautifully.
  • Lighter: Wasteland Oddities Distressed Leather Zippo
    I don't smoke and never have but the this beauty has become a daily companion because of its style. Very few EDC items have such a cool and unique look and it makes for a great conversation starter.

  • Lanyard Beads: Steel Flame Dragon + Reyes Custom
    The Steel Flame dragon bead in bronze is one of the coolest bead designs on the market and one of my oldest EDC items. The smaller bead was made by Ted Reyes from a bronze sleeve bushing. Despite its simplicity, it has complemented the Steel Flame dragon perfectly for many years on my keychain.

  • Wedding Ring: Stonebrook Jewelry Damascus
    I am not much of a jewelry person but I love this ring. It's very subtle from afar but the beautiful damascus pattern makes it special and unique.


My name is Frank and I've been living in Toronto, Ontario for the past four years. I'm a scientist working in biomedical research.

I got my first Swiss Army knife when I was eight or nine. I have always been attracted to cool EDC gadgets but I only discovered the "EDC world" a few years ago when I came across the EDC forums.

Shortly after, I joined EDC groups on Facebook and later Instagram, and the rest is history. Over the past two years, I've gotten more and more into collecting traditional and non-traditional slip joint knives.

I have two small kids and spend most of my free time with the family. I love the outdoors, traveling, craft beer and good food.

Favorite EDC Tool:

While I really enjoy collecting and carrying knives, for me the pen has always been mightier than the sword.

Even in the digital age, I take a lot of notes with pen and paper every day. And I like having a pen that feels comfortable and looks good. So the Maxmadco Bolt Action pen is definitely my favorite tool.

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