October 03, 2016

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member from our community and the gear they rely on everyday. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

For this week's community feature, we talk to Dylan (@himalayanhitman) from Ann Arbor, Michigan, who is better known on Instagram for his outstanding everyday carry. Dylan is a full-time student and an avid outdoorsman, gear, and car enthusiast. Read on for the full details of his refined and one-of-a-kind daily carry!

Featured Tools:

  • Knife: Michael Morris Lady Finger (Titanium)
    My knife choices have evolved from "tacticool" into the small and the simple. The titanium "Lady Finger" by Michael Morris is a great example of that. It has a great blade shape and is smooth to operate. Being made in my home state is another reason why this is such a great tool. I don't use a blade too often day to day so a small non-locking knife is perfect for me.
  • Light: Muyshondt Maus (Titanium)
    The light is a prototype titanium Maus by Muyshondt. It's small enough not to be noticed, yet it has more than enough power to satisfy all my lighting needs. This is a masterful design by a man who knows a thing or two on how to make a light. I prefer Enrique's lights over all others and the Maus represents to me his most 'EDC-able' size. The twist operation allows for battery conservation as it will not come on in the pocket - so it is very long lasting. If I require more light than what the Maus offers, I will reach for one of his equally amazing Aeonmodels.
  • Watch: Stowa Marine
    This is a Stowa Marine original with the old logo. It's my first manual winding watch and has a satisfyingly simple and classic look to it. I choose this watch because it has a clean look that doesn't detract from its job of keeping accurate time. And with the exposed case back, you can take it off the wrist and watch the mechanics at work ticking away. As someone who hates being late, checking the time on a phone just doesn't cut it because I need instant access to the time that only a watch can provide.
  • Pen: Visconti Metropolis / Mont Blanc Solitare
    The first items in my EDC are my pens and they change almost daily. Today I've a limited edition Visconti Metropolis and Mont Blanc sterling silver Solitare - both rollerballs. As a student, I use writing instruments every day in my classes and to accomplish homework afterwards. These pens are reliable and comfortable in use. And the feeling you get from putting pen to paper is something that a computer can never offer. When selecting a pen I choose ones that have emotion and style - which both of these have plenty of.

  • Multitool: Victorinox Tiffany and Co. Classic
    This is a collaboration between Tiffany and Co. and Victorinox. It has sterling silver handles and has everything I need such as scissors and tweezers. I enjoy having a small tool that does so many jobs and at the same time, while still looking good. The silver scales take on a great patina with time and use as well.

  • Notebook: Ashland Leather x Muyshondt
    The notebook is a collaboration between Ashland Leather and Muyshondt in kangaroo leather. I write my daily thoughts and ideas within, and also use it as my impromptu organizer. The kangaroo leather is oddly thin which makes it fit better in my back pocket, yet still tough enough so I'm not afraid of damaging it. This is also my first experience with Midori refills and I'm quite pleased with the book itself. The paper quality is nice and there are good options such as plain and graph paper.

  • Comb: Titanium Chicago Comb
    I often have a titanium Chicago Comb with me to comb my hair. It has an excellent design and is very well made. Being 100% American made - it represents to me an ideology of a time long gone. This isn't a comb that you throw away a month down the line but rather one that grows with you and can be passed down. They are simple combs that are meant to be used.

  • Hank: Hanks by Hank
    My favorite hank maker is Hanks by Hank. A hank is a tool that comes in handy all the time for me, from wiping sweat or hands to dusting off tools. They also make a great backdrop for gear dumps. I chose Hanks by Hank as he is a customer service master and is very willing to accommodate requests. He has a great product that is well made and at a very good price point with many options to fit any style.


I first got into EDC through watching YouTube videos on survival, which is where redundancies in my carry come from. Later, I found my way onto EDCForums where I met like-minded people. This all happened about five years ago and I haven't looked back since.

I had always been carrying a blade and other tools but never knew there was a community based around it. I became hooked and consider this to be the most open and friendly collection of people with a vast variation of members.

My hobbies include disc golf which I enjoy playing in my free time. It's a great exercise and a way to get out and enjoy the day (or night). It's a more relaxing sport with friendly competition.

Other outdoor activities I enjoy are kayaking, rock climbing and hiking, but disc golf is the thing I do most often. I also enjoy researching on writing instruments and cars and can often be seen talking about both with anyone who will listen. Spending time with my family is another thing that brings me joy.

Favorite EDC Tool:

All the items I carry have an almost equal standing as they all represent great design and great companies. If I don't like the maker, I don't buy the tools.

If I had to pick one item it would be my Chicago Comb because I use it when I wake up in the morning and throughout the day until I go to sleep.

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