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Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member from the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

For this week's EDC feature, we are thrilled to talk to Chrispian (@makerssouth) from Huntsville, Alabama. Chrispian is a web developer and programmer by day, and a dedicated leather craftsman by night. Read on for the full details of his rugged daily carry, and how he puts them to use!

Featured Tools:

  • Knife 01: Spyderco Domino
    I always carry a knife and most of the time it's one of my spydies. I'm a big fan of the frame lock and flipper design. And because it's carbon fiber on one side and Ti on the other it's crazy light for its size. That said, I'd still love to get a Spyderco Dice for the office work. It's not the biggest spydie I own but it can still put people off when you whip this bad boy out to open up an Amazon order. It's great for use in the shop though.
  • Light: Maratac Ti (AAA) 
    I never leave home without a flashlight. From changing a tire to finding my seat at the movies - it's just too handy not to carry. And the Maratac size is perfect for everyday use.
  • Pen 01: Kaweco Liliput
    I was a big fan of the Kaweco AL Sport series. But when I write for a long time those hard angles ause some discomfort so when I found the Liliput I had to give it a try. Like most of the Kaweco pens, the EF nibs are a little hit and miss but I got lucky on the first go and it's a rock solid pocket fountain pen.

  • Pen 02: Black Lamy AL-Star Rollerball
    I keep going back and forth between the AL-Stars and the Tornado's from Retro 51. They both rock so you can't go wrong with either. I just wish they had a few more color options for the AL-Star series.

  • Pen 03: White Bic
    This is just a generic white Bic with the best red ink I've ever found. I could write a whole post about how hard it is to find a great red ink. But I can't find one that comes close to this one so it's with me always. And I see you eyeballing it! Back off.
  • Pencil: Bullet Pencil Timber Twist
    I prefer to sketch out designs for our products with pencil and the combination of a Blackwing 602 stub and the Timber Twist is just perfect. Works great on my current favorite pen and paper setup featured in this carry. 

  • Wallet: Leather Snap Wallet
    This is made by me. Just a simple leather snap wallet made in Jungle Brown leather and brass snaps. It's one big pocket that holds a few cards and some folder cash comfortably.
  • Notebook 01: 11:11 Field Notes Cover
    I found these a while back on Amazon and just like how they look. They are laminated recycled paper and clear vinyl so that's a plus too. This particular cover is an ongoing letter to my wife in case I ever bite it. I forgot where I picked this idea up but I love it.

  • Notebook 02: Bridle Leather Apica  
    I made this bridle leather notebook cover for my new favorite notebook - the Apica Premium C.D. A5 graph. The Apica graph paper is perfect. Works great for fountain pens and rollerballs alike. The graph is nice and light in color so it doesn't compete with the ink I'm putting down on the paper. Love it.

  • Notebook 03: Nock Co. Index 
    This is a leather index card holder filled with Nock Co. index cards in dusty blue ink. So glad they bought back that colorway! Used some scrap leather to make a little organizer for my index cards. Just a couple flap pockets on the inside holds my to do lists, groceries, one off notes and that kind of stuff. I love index cards because they are easy to add, remove and rearrange as needed. And the ones from Nock Co have a great graph design and the paper is fountain pen friendly too.

  • Watch: Apple Watch
    This is a 1st Gen Apple Watch (42mm) - I use mostly Apple stuff for work so I'm already used to the system. When they came out with the watch, the early adopter in my had to give it a try. The idea of having a computer on my wrist is like one of those childhood dreams. It's not quite there yet and while I like it a lot, it's still not quite the computer I'm hoping it will one day become.

  • Hank: Hanks by Hank
    This is a lovely blue plaid hank from Hanks by Hank - My wife says I'm messy so I always carry a hank. I was so happy to discover these on Instagram so I could use something unique besides a generic hank or bandanna. You could say my hank collection is out of hand but no one would believe you.


I bounced around a lot as a kid and so I always had a backpack with me. So that was sort of how everything kicked off. I always liked knives, gear and gadgets from an early age. But what really got me into EDC as late teen / early twenties was the movie Cliffhanger with Sylvester Stalone. That was when I saw my first Spyderco.

It was one of the old Rescue models with serrated blade back when the clip was part of the scales! I had that knife forever before it was lost in a move but it started my love of all things EDC and especially of Spyderco knives. It's still my favorite brand to this day. Though which model is my favorite is much harder to answer.

When we aren't working in the shop I like to play Call of Duty on Xbox One with my brothers and my wife, Erin. I've always been a big fan of FPS games and CoD in general and it's a great way to blow off steam after a long day.

I also read science fiction and fantasy, comics and love just about anything to do with superheroes. I dabble in writing and photography, and when time permits and all of these things benefit from my latest hobby: bourbon.

Favorite EDC Tool:

I'm sure it's the same for everyone but my daily EDC changes regularly. For this particular setup, I'm going to have to cheat and go with two things since they work together: My Nock Co index cards and the Lamy pen.

My notebook is mainly for longer form notes, bigger lists and ongoing stuff. But my day to day I manage with index cards for reasons stated above. It's a dead simple system that scales, is portable, and works the way I like to work.

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Brian Hall
Brian Hall

October 21, 2016

I have @makerssouth leather stuff I carry every day in the Seattle area. I get compliments on it everywhere I go from coworkers to customers to waiters to the folks at the range.

Bob McConnell
Bob McConnell

October 19, 2016

Great read thanks. Chrispian is a great guy and makes some outstanding leather goods

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