November 14, 2016

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member from the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

For this week's EDC feature, we are elated to have Woodson (@slicewritelight) from Atlanta, GA. Woodson works in the automotive industry as a data science lead, and is the man behind the awesome gear blog - Slice Write Light. Read on for the full details of Woodson's choice of daily carry!

Featured Tools:

  • Knife 01: Chris Reeves Large Sebenza
    Everyone has seen the Sebenza before. I've been lucky enough to handle dozens of great custom knives by some of the best makers out there, but I still find time for a Sebenza. They really live up to the hype.

    This is a special edition from 2010 with camphor burl inlays on the handles, double lugs, and a swedged blade. I'm obviously a sucker for nice wood, but this one is special to me because it was made the same year my daughter was born. That makes it special when I carry it.
  • Knife 02: Wharncliffe Trapper by Jared Oeser
    I love slip joint knives. I don't have a job where I can carry a large folder every day, so for me, the slip joint is perfect. This one stands out for two reasons: The pattern and the maker.

    The Wharncliffe trapper is the perfect pattern for me. At about 3.5", it slides easily into the pocket. I think it has a really elegant form. It also has the right combination of blades with one clip and one Wharncliffe. No extra blades you don't need. One that works great for peeling apples for your daughter and one that opens up those USPS flat rate boxes we all love getting in the mailbox.

    Jared Oeser is my favorite slip joint maker. Better than anyone else. He combines the traditional patterns of a slip joint with contemporary materials. A lot of the current trends in material use and even new pattern designs originated with Jared.

    His execution and quality are top notch. He also happens to be an incredibly nice guy who only makes knives in his spare time. In my spare time, I try to update my blog at least twice a year. Somehow he manages to juggle work, family and redefining the perception of traditional knives. Unreal.
  • Light: Prometheus Lights Beta-QRv2
    This AAA battery light snaps on and off your keychain easily. It's always there when you need it and has 3 modes so you can try to walk quietly through the bedroom at night without waking up your wife, or you can set it on full and take a stroll outside at night. Everything you need, nothing you don't.

  • Watch: 1978 Tudor Submariner
    I've recently started getting into vintage watches. When you talk about classic watches, you have to talk about the Rolex Submariner. It's basically the perfect dive watch. But if you want something that stands out a bit more, look at the Tudor versions.

    Tudor is in the Rolex family, and for a period, their version of the Sub came with "snowflake" hands and blue bezel and dials. All the cool factor of a Rolex Submariner, but just a bit different. That way you're less likely to run into someone else that has one. And better yet, if you do, you will know you are both watch nerds.

  • Pen: Ryan Krusac 
    If you haven't tried one, I suggest you pick up a fountain pen. They come in many materials and can be filled with any ink color you can imagine. More importantly, they actually make even the most terrible handwriting (mine) look better.

    Like manually wound watches, there is something nice about the routine of filling the pen with ink and writing with something that confuses others. This model by Ryan Krusac is made from walnut. Like Jared, Ryan is a fine craftsman and really helpful in person. I met him and picked this one out at the Atlanta Pen Show this year.
  • Keychain: Scout Leather Co. Scout Hook
    I went though the phase where I had to own a bottle opener that was shaped like an animal. But I realized I don't open bottles that much and didn't want to carry something extra every day.

    The Scout Hook is something you attach to your keychain and it will hook onto your belt loop, so your keys don't take so much space in your pockets (or bang against your really nice slip joint). They also happen to open a bottle. 


I come from a long line of collectors, so I tend to obsessively collect things. Right now that's pocket knives, fountain pens, and watches. Watches are my latest obsession, so I spend a lot of time hanging out with my local Red Bar watch friends. I also have a 5-year-old daughter, so I spend lots of time keeping up with her.

I started off about 5 years ago with the sudden urge to pick up a pocket knife. That started me down the path of learning more and more about all this stuff we all carry around every day. Hopelessly addicted now.

Favorite EDC Tool:

The Oeser Wharncliffe Trapper is my favorite. The quality, materials, and pattern are just perfect for me. It will be hard to kick that one out of my pocket with anything else.

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