January 02, 2017

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member from the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

Happy new year! For the first feature of 2017, we talk to Jay(@dakine234_edc) from Kaneohe, Hawaii. Jay recently graduated with his masters of Science in tropical plant pathology and works as the Team Leader for Invasive Insect Response. Read on for the full details of his kickass everyday carry!

Featured Tools:

  • Knife: Tom Mayo Small Wharny Covert
    Since starting this hobby, I've heard of the Mayo being described in awe as a grail blade. One that is masterfully handcrafted in Hawaii by Tom on the North Shore. Since then I've always wanted one and after lots of searching and saving, I was able to find my grail blade!

    The size is simply perfect and molds to my hand. The action is butter smooth and the MOA holes form an aesthetically pleasing pattern. The texture of the titanium scales provide grip while retaining a signature Mayo look.

    My favorite feature is the satellite 6k blade and titanium which are ideal for Hawaii’s high humidity, rain and salinity around the ocean. I use my blades at work as well as my fishing/outdoor activities frequently, so the corrosion and rust resistance is perfect.

    The stellite 6k blade may not be as hard as traditional steel blades, but it holds a laser edge and is a pleasure to use and strop back to perfection after use. To me, this knife is extremely special, both in terms of materials, craftsmanship, and its Hawaiian origin.
  • Light: Mcgizmo Sundrop
    The first custom light I ever saw was a Mcgizmo Haiku. I saved up $20 from every paycheck until I could afford one and I was in love. I've been fortunate to expand my collection since then and have a few others in my rotation.

    The Sundrop is the one that I find myself using the most. The beam quality is flawless, and emits a HI-CRI beam with full and rich colors in the night from the nichia 119 emitter. In my opinion, it’s a hybrid of the Mule’s wide beam with the immaculate beam and throw of the Haiku. I've roughed it out with this light - fishing, night diving, camping and hiking. It’s an absolute perfect user for Hawaii’s unique outdoor environment.

  • Watch: Seiko Tuna
    Iʻve never fell in love with a watch until laying eyes upon the Seiko Tuna. It’s a watch that people either love or hate, but I absolutely love it! From the oversized shroud protecting the bezel, the domed crystal, to the small touches like the Kanji date dial. I truly look forward to putting it on every day. It’s truly an integral piece of my EDC.

  • SAK: Robert Lessard Custom
    I've always loved Swiss Army knives but could never find the perfect combination until I went for a custom. And Robert’s work is the creme of the crop. Mine is a bladeless variation which features pliers, scissors, a bit driver, bit holder, and a parcel hook. The titanium scales and copper cross are a classy and useful touch. This has seen plenty of use and makes me giddy with delight whenever I have an opportunity to pull it out and use it.
  • Pen: Madmaxco Ti Bolt
    My first high end pen, and it has been used every day I got it. The weight of the pen is extremely satisfying and exudes quality. The bolt action is incredibly smooth and it has become my favorite to fiddle with. As many others have said, this is the perfect EDC pen.

  • Notebook: Word Notebook
    A newer addition to my EDC that I wish I added earlier. I've quickly learned there are many things you can't do on a smartphone. And the best solution is still the classic pen and paper combination. I love the simple yet effective system that the Word Notebook has come up with and use it daily at work to jot down notes, finds of insects, theories and hypothesis associated with the invasive insects coming into Hawaii.

  • Wallet: Savitsky Designs
    I absolutely love this wallet! I’ve always been a fan of minimalism, and this bifold is the epitome of simplicity. The Horween leather has patina'd beautifully in the last year and I get many compliments for it. Erick does some incredible leatherwork and I look forward to incorporating more of his work into my EDC.

  • Hank: Hanksbyhank Redline
    Through this incredible hobby, I've met many amazing people and Hank is definitely one of them. I had found some fabric that I really loved and ask Hank if he can make hanks out of them, and he graciously agreed. With those pieces of fabric, the redline of Hanksbyhank began and we've become close friends since. This particular hank is my favorite as it’s minimal, classy and also has a traditional Japanese touch.

  • Fiddle: Krein Zirc Worry Stone
    I love how something so simple can bring so much pleasure and enjoyment. This worry stone has a nice heft to it as it is made of zirconium, yet disappears in the pocket. I find myself unconsciously fiddling with it during meetings or whenever there’s some down time. The unique hammered texture is very soothing and calming.


I recently graduated with my masters of Science degree in tropical plant pathology so I have a little more free time from reading papers and writing my thesis for some of my other hobbies.

I enjoy fishing, spear fishing, hiking around the islands and hanging out at the beach whenever Iʻm able to. Iʻm also slowly but surely working on a new hobby in photography. My instagram account was initially started in order to keep motivated to practice new shots, lighting, styles and techniques.

My EDC hobby started when I was a boy scout, always wanting to fulfill the scout motto: to be prepared. Since then, Iʻve tried to be as prepared as I was practically able to be for any situation.

My first blade, like many others, was a folding Buck lock back with a AA mini Mag light. But it wasn't until I saw a Munroe Designs Mega Dangler back in 2009 that my EDC endeavor truly started! Since those humble beginnings, Iʻve been very fortunate to own a wide variety of high end and production lights and knives. Iʻve also made many incredible friends along the way which has been one of my favorite parts of this hobby.

My EDC philosophy has been refined over the years and I feel this evolution to find your own perfect carry has been the most fun part of this hobby. Iʻm very grateful in that Iʻve learned more than I ever thought I would about subjects like metallurgy, LED emitters, photography, leatherwork and many unique facets through this hobby. Most importantly, I’ve learned to patiently seek out quality gear that you absolutely look forward to using, how to care for those pieces of gear and USE IT!!!

Favorite EDC Tool:

My favorite piece of EDC gear is definitely my Mcgizmo Sundrop (as well as the Haiku and Mule head variations). This was my first expensive purchase within this hobby and it has never left my side since. A good knife and light are something to be treasured and never left behind! I feel a quality light is something that is an afterthought to other EDC gear until one holds one and uses a high-quality light. It is truly an illuminating experience!


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