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Urban EDC Showcase

Showcase #70: HVAC Technician from Mililani, Hawaii

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member from the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

This week, we are excited to have Dino (@808_blade) from Mililani, Hawaii. Dino works as an HVAC Technician and enjoys camping, fishing, a little hiking and playing the guitar. Read on to find out how Dino integrates his daily carry with his occupation!

Featured Tools:

  • Folding Knife: Chris Reeve
    I'm a HUGE fan of Chris Reeve Knives. The craftsmanship, tight tolerances, and attention to detail while still keeping it simple does it for me. The Umnumzaan is my hands down favorite knife of all time. Particularly this Wilson Combat Startac. The action is what I love on the Umnumzaan. With a little practice, this is a very quick knife. With a deep hollow grind, this blade is made for slicing.
  • Fixed blade: Scout Leather Co
    The Scout Leather SOPA fixed blade was a gift from my girlfriend, so that immediately imparts an immense sentimental value. Again, a nice hollow ground CPM154 blade that fits wonderfully in the hand. It comes with a leather sheath that lets the knife snap in like it's Kydex. It also has a very thin profile that just disappears in the pocket. It’s fairly new to my carry, but this is definitely here to stay.
  • Light: Mcgizmo
    Being from Hawaii, and knowing that Don McLeish is a flashlight legend from Maui, I just had to get a Mcgizmo Haiku. The beam is legendary. Perfect combo of flood and throw. All these years and the Haiku still remains a favorite amongst flashlight fanatics. I also rotate between an Okluma TinyDC and an HDS Executive EDC clicky, but the Haiku is the winner in my opinion.

  • Pen: Brian Fellhoelter
    The TiBolt pen by Brian Fellhoelter TiBolt is built tough. I love to fiddle with it while driving. This is perfect for a blue collar guy like me.

  • Hank: Fox Hanx
    I've always admired all the different hanks I see on Instagram. Fox Hanx has definitely stood out to me. Mary Beth and Michael Miller provide outstanding customer service and really interact with their customers. I use a hank daily to wipe my glasses. It disappears in the back pocket. 


Big Mahalo to everyone and Urban EDC Supply for letting me share my passion! My name is Dino Kawamura and I'm from Mililani, Hawaii. I work as an HVAC Technician in Honolulu.

My hobbies include camping, fishing, a little hiking and playing the guitar. In my free time, I like to hit the outdoors and just get some fresh air. I first got into EDC without even knowing I got into EDC. It was from work. I didn't know EDC was even a thing.

Being an HVAC Technician, I started carrying flashlights and knives because it aided me in my work. I keep things pretty simple. It has evolved to what you see here.

Favorite EDC Tool:

Man. This is a hard one. I was a knife nut before I was a flashlight fanatic so I'm gonna have to go with my trusty CRK Wilson Combat Startac. We already know what Chris Reeve has brought to the industry. It is the perfect folding knife for me.

Are you an EDC gear fanatic?

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    On Mar 25, 2017

  • Yong-Soo:

    Hey Alex,

    You can purchase the knife and sheath here:

    Thank you!

    On Feb 13, 2017

  • Alex Deleon:

    How can I order the knife and sheath ? How much ?

    On Feb 11, 2017

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