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Urban EDC Showcase

Showcase #80: Carpenter & Bar Owner from Dinslaken, Germany

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

This week, we bid a jolly guten tag to Till (@choose.knife) from Germany. Till works as a carpenter, and is also the co-owner of a bar in the small town of Dinslaken. He is a self-professed EDC fanatic, and today we are privy to his beautifully put-together daily carry. Read on for the full story!

Featured Tools:

  • Knife: Custom Knife Factory - MORFF 4 Flipper
    This was my first Russian knife and I fell in love with it the moment I opened the pouch it came in. It’s designed by by Evgeniy Muan and its unique design provides excellent ergonomics and a great cutting performance.

    I'm a big fan of full-flat ground grinds because, for my business (carpentry), it's the most useful and practical. The detent and single row pivot bearing system combine to make this knife fly open upon actuation. If you ever get the chance to pick one up... GO FOR IT!
  • Flashlight: Olight i3s (Copper)
    I wouldn't say it's the best flashlight for this size on the market, but because of its size and price it works quite well for me. In the more urbanized environment that I'm living in, you actually don't need a thousand lumens. But I use it when I'm at the bar, changing beer-barrels or when I need to go down the basement. Urban, everyday stuff like that. When I'm about to go camping or hiking, I change my setup to a more powerful one, like the Fenix LD12.

  • Multitool: Victorinox Alox Cadet (Black Edition)
    The Victorinox Alox Classic Cadet Swiss Army Knife... nothing more to say about it because it needs no introduction. There is simply no excuse for NOT having one! It’s just that good.

  • Wallet: Hitch & Timber
    The Hitch & Timber Card Caddy is truly my most beloved item in my everyday carry rotation. It holds all my cards and cash, but also gives me the opportunity to put a little multitool and a pen inside. Usually, I clip a small flashlight on the side of it, so you just grab it and you're ready and fully prepared for the day!

  • Pen: Fisher Space Pen Bullet (without clip)
    American made NASA engineered high tech from 1965. It went to the moon. Writes upside down, underwater, over grease at extreme temperatures! The design is as simple as the pen itself. Open/write/close. I like the idea of carrying a piece of history. This is the brass model with a raw finish which gives the pen a great patina.

  • Lanyard Bead: Combat Beads
    I just got this just a couple days ago. It's a handcrafted piece by a talented young guy named Keith Griffin located in Ontario, Canada. I put it on a loop of paracord so I can attach it to everything that needs a lanyard, like my Hitch and Timber custom iPhone slip. Grab the bead and it pulls out my phone! Useful and definitely good looking too!

  • Pocket Tool: Voxnaes Seahorse 1/1
    This little pocket tool/bottle opener means a lot to me. It was gifted to me by its maker himself, stamped with the words FIRE WALK. I got this for a video I made on Instagram with a Jesper Voxnaes designed knife (still in my feed). This video got super viral and was even reposted by Jesper. He sent me this one off as a small courtesy. I was blown away and I'm still super proud having this cool gift. It will never leave my collection!

  • Key Organizer: KeyBar
    All keys organized with this cool little tool. Had some other systems like that before, but none of them worked as good as the original! Added a Chaves Knives KeyBar blade insert. It’s a small friction folder blade that is used so often. You open the door, get your mail and open it in the same moment... just great!


My name is Till Jan Sahm, and I’m a husband and father of a beautiful young boy. I’m a carpenter and co-owner of a bar in a small town of Dinslaken, West Germany (near Cologne).

I’ve always carried a knife since I was a kid. It was through the Instagram knife and EDC community that deepened my interest and passion. It made me want more. So I did my due research and watched hundreds of YouTube videos and reviews. I just got deeper and deeper into the hobby. I found lots of likeminded people (freaks like me) from all over the world, and the best thing is that I’ve made some really good friends in the process.

While I keep myself informed of all the latest EDC “trends”, not every trend is up my alley. However, what I like and appreciate is the constant development and evolution of the community and the gear.

And I would definitely call myself a fanatic by now. :-)

Favorite EDC Tool:

My most loved item is the Hitch & Timber Card Wallet. It's such a useful and well-made piece and it's with me everywhere I go all day, every day! The concept is just perfect, small and easy to carry and contains everything for your daily tasks - cash, ID, cards, Victorinox Cadet and something to write with.

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