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Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

All the way from Hyltebruk, Sweden (where Snus is delightfully legal), we have Seppo (@foldersunfolded) with us today. He works in the metal industry, and is a family man through and through. Seppo is happily married with 3 beautiful children, and his EDC revolves around his duties as a dad. Read on for Seppo’s wonderfully practical and carefully considered urban everyday carry.

Featured Tools:

  • Knife 01: Böker Plus Urban Trapper
    Excellent light duty titanium frame lock flipper. Designed by Brad Zinker and produced by Böker. VG10 blade steel and with great action making it easy to use and fun to play with. So slim and lightweight (1.7 Oz.) that it disappears in the pocket but sporting a 3.5" blade it's up for most cutting tasks found at home. Lanyard on this and the other knife here are made of leather string for jewelry making.
  • Knife 02: Böker Plus Lancer
    First production run with CPM S35VN blade steel. Designed by Serge Panchenko and just like the Urban Trapper a formidable light chore EDC knife. Was lucky enough to grab one as the next runs will feature 440C blade steel. Nothing but good experiences with 440C on Bökers but the powder metallurgy steel is a sweeter deal!

  • Multi-tool: Leatherman Juice S2
    This is a midsize multi-tool with excellent pliers that excels at detail work while still being strong enough for most EDC type tasks. Great scissors and versatile set of tools. It only lacks a metal file (which is great but a bit too small on my Squirt PS4). For a complete set of tools, I’ve got my Leatherman Charge TTi in my backpack!

  • Flashlight: Olight S1A
    The features on the Olight Baton series checks all my boxes! It has a magnetic tailcap, great clip (always carry my lights on the left front belt loop), intuitive UI and the specs are top notch. I’ve carried the S10 and S1 Polished Ti for years but decided I needed my main EDC flashlight to run on regular 'easy to get' AA batteries rather than the CR123A my other Olight models are running on.

  • Watch: Glycine Combat Sub
    This automatic Swiss watch is old enough to be sporting the regular ETA 2824-2 movement. It’s waterproof and tough as nails with a 42mm case - which is as big a size for watches as I’d ever go.

  • Snus: Odens Portion
    Great Swedish snus from a great Swedish snus company with an interesting line of flavours. Many of us Swedes use snus - so I guess you can call it a Swedish thing. Great taste and a must to make my everyday life function!

  • Carabiner: Niteize S-biner
    As of now, it’s only used to clip my beautiful baby daughter's pacifiers. Any parents know how important it is to keep those pacifiers within arm's reach. The pacifiers are like safety pins on hand grenades. Once they're pulled out all hell is likely to break out within seconds! When my baby daughter is off her pacifiers we'll see what use I'll find for this great carabiner!

  • Bracelet: Custom
    I made this myself. This one is a deployable millipede stitch made with a black 4mm leather shoe string - roughly 12 feet - and with a stainless steel shackle. The ones I have made with 550 Paracord could be used for 'survival type situations ' whereas this one in leather is more of a fashion accessory if you will.

  • Beard Comb & Wax: Captain Fawcett
    I've got a full beard and moustache so I pretty much need a comb on a daily basis to be somewhat presentable as far as my facial hair is concerned.

    As I am a collector of folding knives and really appreciate the quality of Captain Fawcett's beard balms and moustache wax, getting the folding moustache comb really was a no-brainer.

    The stylish leather case serves as protection but also makes the very slender, lightweight and small comb "big enough" to not disappear completely in the pocket. This is my second moustache comb and the first one was lost before I got the leather case. Just waiting for some nice patina to form on the dark brown leather.
  • Pacifier: Esska
    Well... They're my daughter's but as long as she needs them I will carry them when I'm not at work or away from the family.


My name is Seppo Burängen and although that's a Finnish first name I am Swedish. Married to my stunning wife Jenny for more than 12 years and we are blessed with three beautiful children: Theodor age 10, Vilgot who just turned 7 and my little baby daughter almost a year and a half.

We all live in the smallish town of Hyltebruk close to the city of Halmstad on the Swedish west coast. I work at a company where we provide services for laser cutting, press braking, welding and such in sheet metal - stainless steel and aluminium mostly.

Spending time with my family is the very foundation of my life. EDC in general and folding knives, in particular, are hobbies that are intertwined with that... with living my life.

I got into Instagram partly because of my wife and her interest in social media but mainly because of watching one of my favourite Youtube knife reviewers - Solos Knifereviews - and a video he did on Instagram for knives. That set off my own account roughly one and a half years ago.

Right now, my wife, kids and I are really looking forward to going to our family's cabin in the Hälsingland woods (10-hour car ride) and spending our summer there - like we have done for almost five years now. No running water, no electricity and barely any mobile phone coverage. That might just call for a different type of EDC system than this ;-)

Favorite EDC Tool:

Dead run between the Olight S1A and the Urban Trapper. Probably use the flashlight just a little bit more. Then again. I'm a certified knife-nut and I really find the Zinker designed gentleman's folder modern Ti frame lock hybrid most excellent! Let's go with the knife!

Next On Your Gear Radar:

Well, I just misplaced (or just plain lost) my "thrower" flashlight - an Olight M22 Warrior - for the second time so I will probably get into looking at a new light that can match the specs on that one. Need a long throw and +800 lumen. Mainly to carry in my backpack (Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon 2) and use when darkness is upon us up in the family's cabin in the Hälsingland Woods.


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Michael Byrd
Michael Byrd

February 15, 2018

Really like that Glycine. My personal favirite brand.

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