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Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

This week, we have the one and only Tom Medvedich (@notoriousedc) with us to share his notorious EDC. Tom was first featured 2 years back in Showcase #11, and his carry has since evolved tremendously. Read on for the full story of how Tom’s gear selection and EDC philosophy has changed - and also if any particular piece of gear stood the test of time!

Featured Tools:

  • Pen: Schon Design Clip Pen
    Ian makes a great pen! I loved the clean look of his original design but I really wanted a pocket clip. He just completed a very successful Kickstarter for this Clip Pen design, and I've been carrying this updated version a bunch since receiving it. He's an awesome dude putting out a great product. 

  • SAK 01: Victorinox Cadet Silver 2012 Limited Edition
    Basically this is the staple of my EDC. If I only carry one thing during the day, it’s the Cadet. It’s an office friendly knife with a ton of capability.

  • SAK 02: Victorinox Classic Black Ice
    This is a limited edition Classic with blacked out tools. I really love this knife because it’s a twist on what might be the most sold knife on the planet. I’ve almost always got a 58mm size SAK in my 5th pocket.

  • Flashlight: Maratac AAA Ti
    CountyComm makes a million amazing gadgets, and their flashlight game is particularly on point. I love the Maratac AAA in all the materials, but I especially love it in titanium. It's just such a clean look. The pocket clip is reversible so you can put it on the bill of a hat if you need to be hands-free.

  • Prybar: Lynch Ti natural
    Casey is such a great guy and his gear is sought after by many! I’m lucky to have a couple of these awesome pry bars. I actually use them as flathead drivers almost daily. They always come in handy.

  • Knife 01: Kendrick/Mosier Hybrid Moments Collaboration
    This was my first high-end knife and it was gifted to me by a buddy. I never thought I would like tanky knives like this until he gave me this. Now I love it and have expanded my titanium horizons. This knife fires open super hard and feels very comfortable in the hand. Sean Kendrick and David Mosier are both awesome knife makers, if you’re not familiar with them you should check them out!

  • Knife 02: Jared Oeser Solitude
    This was given to me by a buddy this year at my first Blade Show. He knew I’d been drooling over Jared’s work for a while, so he handed it to me and said: “Here, I want you to have a great memory from your first Blade Show.” This knife was part of a 3 piece set with 2 other makers. Only 5 were made, this knife is #2. Jared is really one of the best makers out there. His symmetry and attention to detail are amazing. Now I’ve got my eyes on more.


      My name is Tom Medvedich. I live in Brooklyn, NY and I’m a commercial photographer.

      My career is very time-consuming so knives and EDC are really my main hobby. I do enjoy watching football and hockey when time allows. And traveling with my wife when we can both manage to break away from work.

      I first got into EDC because of work, I touched on this on my first feature on December 15! My newer foray into higher end knives has been interesting, however. My photography career is based around still life product work and it's very much focused on details. 

      I got into collecting knives a few years ago and wanted something with a good track record. My first "nice" knife was a Benchmade Mini Grip. Over time, I've come to appreciate the details in higher end knives. As I've made new friends in the community, I've been introduced to custom knives and grown to appreciate them as well. 

      I have the tactical and slipjoints both in here because I’ll pick one style over the other based on my mood or cutting needs for the job I’ve got that day. Some days you want a classic, old school knife, and some days you want to carry a savage knife. I have two knives here that were given to me as gifts because I think it’s important to remember that the knife community is about friendship and not just material possessions. 

      My buddy showed me how the back spring on a custom slipjoint could be so flush with the liners that it looked like one solid piece of metal. All the nuances of the fit and finish in customs are what separate them from the production pieces. 

      Favorite EDC Tool:

      Anyone that has seen my Instagram account knows that the Alox Cadet is my all time favorite knife since it's in almost every single post. It's an office-friendly option that can still handle a majority of EDC tasks. I really love the flathead driver. The Alox scales are so cool and there are a variety of colors that exist. It's fun trying to collect them all.

      Next On Your Gear Radar:

      I have a knife being built by Pepe Jalomo right now. It’s a Zirconium trapper with a boomerang Damascus Wharncliffe blade. I’m really pumped for it. It’s a modern take on a classic pattern. I’d also like to get a slippie from Peña and a modern folder from Sam Johnston. They’re pretty hard to come by so I’ll have to admire from afar for now!


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      July 05, 2017

      beautiful selection of gear and thanks for providing the backstories!

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