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Urban EDC Showcase

Showcase #92: Nonprofit Worker from Northern New Mexico

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

When Lee (@cogito_edc) bought his first Spyderco knife off Craigslist, he remembered feeling perplexed at the lengths the seller went to with his knife photography. Little did Lee know that he'd soon be joining the ranks of EDC fanatics - case in point - his feature here today. So read on for the full story of Lee's EDC journey and a detailed rig rundown. 

Featured Tools:

  • Knife: Zero Tolerance
    This knife is a ZT0392 WC, and it contains all of my favorite qualities in a knife. It has a Wharncliffe blade, overbuilt construction, and an ergonomic handle. It's also beautiful. Obviously, a pocket knife needs to be functional, but, at least for me, it must also be aesthetically appealing. I really don't put it through any hard use because, in all honesty, my Victorinox Cadet can take care of 99% of my cutting tasks.

  • SAK: Victorinox Cadet
    I am a proud "couch flipper," and I do try to keep my knives as clean as possible. Thus, I ALWAYS have a Victorinox Cadet in my pocket. To me, its main purpose in life is to protect my more expensive knives from any real use! I have no problem admitting that. The Victorinox Cadet is the perfect combination of form and function, and I am literally addicted to this brand. I currently have 12 Alox Cadets in different colors, and I rotate them in my carry religiously.

  • Knuck: Vox Ping
    I really enjoy carrying "knucks" when my pockets and social environment permit me to do so. I consider them more like "worry stones" because they are just simply fun to play with. They are great conversation pieces, and everyone enjoys opening their beers with them. With the exception of my Koch 2.1, all of my knucks are small and non-threatening. That is why my Vox Ping is my favorite. It's adorable man!

  • Pen: Tactile Turn Glider
    I am constantly taking notes, so a pen is a necessity in my daily carry. When I first saw the Tactile Turn Glider pen for the first time, I had to have it. Like all of my other gear, it is over-built and beautiful. It also writes great. I also enjoy the Techliner made my Ti2 Design. 


      My name is Lee and I’m involved in nonprofit work. My hobbies include submission grappling and spending time with family at the lake.

      I got into EDC about 18 months ago. I wanted a simple pocket knife, and, at the time, I had no idea what a good knife was. I went on Craigslist and picked up a used Manix 2.

      I still remember seeing the ad for it. The seller had the Manix sitting atop of a tree stump. He literally had the knife posing as if it was a swimsuit model. At the time, I thought it was silly that he had taken so many photographs of a simple knife. Little did I know that the Manix would turn me into a gear addict and that I would one day my own photos would be featured on one of the most high-profile EDC sites!

      I have pretty much owned every Spyderco and ZT model out there, so, as of now, I am in the process of just narrowing down my collection to knives and gear that I LOVE to carry.

      Here is my rule going forward: If there is ANY part of my carry that I do not absolutely love (knife, pen, knuck, or SAK), then that part has to go. It will be sold immediately. Thus, I am always in the process of buying or selling so as to upgrade or to try different brands. It's a lot of fun though, and I have met so many great people in doing so.

      Favorite EDC Tool:

      In this carry, my favorite piece is my Victorinox Cadet. Form and function, baby! It is literally all that I really "need."

      Next On Your Gear Radar:

      I am really impressed with what CRKT is putting out. I recently picked up a Remedy, and it's awesome. I want to try out the Bantam next. I also love the looks of the Pilar, but I really don't prefer small knives. If they ever made a Pilar XL, I would be stoked!

      Are you an EDC gear fanatic?

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      • Nick Maffei :

        Nice Brother! This is pretty cool, great story!

        On Jul 14, 2017

      • Mike:

        Nice carry, love that pirate skull. Where did you find it!

        On Jul 12, 2017

      • Joe S.:

        The bead?

        On Jul 12, 2017

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