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Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

This week, we have Ryan (@sluggerotoole_edc) from Tucson, Arizona who is a man of diverse talents. Not only is Ryan a photographer and an educator for the athletic apparel brand, Lululemon, he is also an aspiring tattoo model and actor. Read on for Ryan’s highly eclectic yet uncompromisingly functional everyday carry.

Featured Tools:

  • Knife 01: Modified Spyderco Sage
    I love this lightweight franken Spyderco Sage with carbon fiber and titanium that was custom anodized. The blade has been copper washed and has an incredible edge and it’s also rocking a Copper Twist bead from Maverick Workshop.

  • SAK: Victorinox
    You have to love this Copper Cadet SAK. What a wonderful tool and such a part of knife history. A Swiss Army Knife was also the first knife I ever received.

  • Flashlight: Maratac
    For my flashlight, I love this Maratac AAA in Copper. It has 3 different modes which are incredibly useful. It's small, handy and has great range for its incredibly small size.

  • Multi-tool: JW Knives
    For multi-tools, pry bars, and incredible works of art - I love JW Knives. Jay makes beautiful pieces, is a great guy and there's the Bandicoot Brotherhood!

  • Pocket Tool: Tra Designs
    When I first found the EDC community, I fell in love with the Tra Designs Chuggers and Mini Chuggers. Taylor is an awesome, stand up guy in the community who is making incredible gear and pimping out some of the best out there. So I'm proud to be rocking a Copper Chugger and Timascus Mini Chugger.

  • Wallet: Hitch & Timber
    You have to admire beautiful leather work. I love this Hitch & Timber leather EDC wallet. It is my first and favorite piece.

  • Bottle Opener: Koch Tools
    I like beer and hey you have to be able to get to that beer, am I right? Just received this Koch Tools 3/8 anodized Titanium Kaplifter. And just like everything else they produce, I love it!

  • Hank: Alienated Supply Co
    Dave from Alienated Supply Co is killing it with the hanks and I have a bunch. Great quality, colors and service! Such a great dude too.

  • Beer Tag: Wasteland Oddities
    Another great guy is Danny from Wasteland Oddities. I love everything he turns out ever since I first got into EDC. His distressed leather Zippos are stupendous and this Beer Tag is one of my favorites!


      My name is Ryan and I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona - but I’m looking to relocate to California. I'm an aspiring tattoo model, actor, photographer and an educator for Lululemon.

      I've been into EDC for about a year or so and sort of fell into it. I saw cool things people were carrying and it made sense to me. I always did the same as a kid, carrying my cool stuff back then haha. But I fell in love with the friends and community, and the gear is just a bonus.

      In my down time, I love being outside. My hobbies range from photography to hiking and snowboarding to sailing.

      Favorite EDC Tool:

      Oh that's a difficult one! I'd say the Tra Designs Mini Timascus Chugger. He's small but opens bottles and is packed with great color! Not to mention that Taylor of Tra Designs is a great guy!

      Next On Your Gear Radar:

      All the things, all the gear, all the knives! But if I had to pick, I've got my eyes on building a custom Spyderco PM3.


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      Anuj Agarwal

      July 31, 2017

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      July 28, 2017

      Great kit! I’m going to check out a couple of your suggestions.

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