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August 08, 2017

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

Born and raised in Santa Cruz and pursuing her Master’s in San Francisco, Stephanie (@lesbianedc) has an infectious enthusiasm and passion for high-quality handcrafted leather goods. And when not obsessively photographing the cool stuff she carries, Stephanie volunteers at an NGO that focuses on providing outreach to immigrant communities. Read on for the detailed rundown of her gorgeous and carefully curated everyday carry.

Featured Tools:

  • Knife: CRKT Drifter
    I began dabbling into knives last year, mostly as a self-defense tool for when I was walking home late at night. This quickly turned into a fascination with form and function and I found myself flicking open my knife all the time, just for the satisfying feel of it.

    The smooth glide of this CRKT Drifter and its ultra grippy G10 handle has kept me more than happy and it is a piece that I never leave the house without. From opening mail to slicing rope and boxes, this guy has yet to let me down and has kept me from becoming too fascinated with handmade knives for the time being.

  • Watch: Seiko SARB033
    The Seiko SARB033 is a cult classic in the affordable timepiece world. Originally a Japanese Domestic Model, this watch has been affectionately named the “Baby Grand Seiko” by many watch enthusiasts and it is not difficult to imagine why.

    Sporting a stunning level of finishing along the casing of the watch, a deep black dial that is only visible in direct sunlight, and crisp sword-like hands, this conservative 38mm watch is a solid gesture to its very expensive brothers and sisters at a mere fraction of the price. Having lusted after this affordable timepiece for over a year, this “Baby Grand” was gifted to me by my girlfriend as a 4 Year Anniversary present.

  • Wallet: District Leather "Metro Bifold"
    This wallet is a unique take on the traditional bi-fold design we all know and love. It collapses the traditional bill slot of a bifold with two uniquely designed pockets in an insanely cool arrangement that I absolutely love.

    Made entirely by hand by my friend Bill in Atlanta, GA, this wallet sports a gorgeous finish that forces you to take a second glance if only to try (and fail) to find a single thing out of place. It is made from a glossy natural shell cordovan on the exterior and rich dark green shell cordovan on the interior, this wallet is a one-of-a-kind piece that is undeniably awesome.

  • Key Fob: District Leather
    Made by the same maker as my Metro Bifold, this key fob sports a dark Horween ink stamp that leather workers and shoe lovers have been known to freak out over. Made out of Horween’s color #4 shell cordovan and beautifully character-rich solid brass bits, this key fob has all the character any leather geek could ever ask for.

  • Bottle Hook: Corter Leather
    This is a very recent acquisition that only occurred by pure chance. Having arrived in a Corter Leather Summer “Grab Bag” that my girlfriend purchased, this little Bottle Hook in "Pewter" has become an instant favorite of mine. Useful not only as a bottle opener, this little guy also effortlessly hooks on and off a belt loop making it incredibly intuitive. After having searched for the perfect way to carry my keys, I have found an end-game addition to my EDC in this character-rich piece.

  • Bracelet: Guarded Goods
    Made in Burnsville, MN, by my good buddy Jesse, this studded bracelet is one of my favorite EDC items and it is beginning to show. Made out of a thick bourbon Horween shell cordovan, this bracelet is 24mm wide and makes an incredibly handsome leather cuff that compliments my Butch Lesbian style very well.

    Paired with solid brass hardware and a clear Horween ink stamp, this bracelet is the perfect addition to any leather geek’s carry. Having been used for a month, it has developed an incredible patina both along the finished side and the reversed side. Doubling as a minimalist watch strap if desired, this guy is a definite winner and a solid addition to any EDC.

  • Key Case: Ashland Leather
    This is a piece that I have had for about a year and is one of my absolute favorites. Made out of garnet Horween shell cordovan by Phil and Dan over in Chicago, IL, this guy has seen some insane wear.

    When I first bought it during the summer of 2016, this color had just been introduced by Horween. I was fortunate enough to get one of the first items made out of it. Fast forward a year and the bright reds and oranges that inspired the name “garnet” have darkened up to a rich burgundy.

    Holding 3-4 keys, this piece of EDC goodness is not just aesthetically cool but manages to keep my keys from mauling everything in sight and will definitely last me many more years to come.


      My name is Stephanie and I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA but am currently living in the Bay Area, where I am pursuing my MA. When not attending school or writing my thesis, I volunteer at an NGO that focuses on providing outreach to immigrant communities.

      When I'm not doing any of the above, I enjoy hiking, sketching, spending time with my girlfriend and our cat, Lola. And of course, obsessively photographing the cool stuff I carry every day.

      I first stumbled into the EDC community in 2015, after graduating from University with my BA. I had taken a year off of school and I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands! I randomly stumbled upon the leather working community on YouTube one day and immediately fell in love with the level of creativity, skill and passion folks were pouring into their craft.

      From that first video, I was hooked. Leather work became an obsession and a darn right awesome one at that. But my EDC journey didn't begin until months down the road when I finally worked myself up into purchasing my first handmade wallet from the Etsy shop, Allen & Bradley. It was a minimalist wallet that I still have today! It was this that lead me down the rabbit hole that I was not entirely prepared for, but one that I am incredibly happy I ended up discovering.

      I have acquired quite the wallet collection by now, in all sorts of leathers. I've met an incredible group of leather workers that have really enriched my EDC experience and for that, I am truly grateful!

      Favorite EDC Tool:

      Out of all of the items I am carrying at the moment my favorite is by far my District Leather "Metro Bifold" simply because it is just such a unique design and sports one hell of a handsome color combination. I custom ordered this wallet from Bill and I think the natural and green shell cordovan compliment each other really well.

      The finishing on this wallet is also unlike any other wallet I've ever owned and I catch myself staring at it constantly. The edges are exceptionally smooth and the stitching is ridiculously crisp--the overall aesthetic is incredibly elegant in my opinion! It's definitely going to be a "buy it for life" item and is one I can't see myself ever parting with.

      Next On Your Gear Radar:

      I've been pretty happy with my gear so far but I'm very tempted to start dabbling into "gentleman's knives" which will end up being a whole different obsession I am sure!

      I've also been looking into adding another couple of wallets into the mix, despite having way too many already. I've managed to acquire quite a nice collection from my favorite makers so far but I am definitely hoping to check out First Settlement Goods, Benjamin Bott and Monk Made Goods in the near future! I'm really passionate about supporting creative folks who truly have a passion for what they do so it would be an honor to be able to rep their work someday. 

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