The James Brand

The James Brand Midland - Titanium

Minimally Maximal

The second iteration of the original James Brand Hook from 2015, the new and improved Midland is an all-in-one pocket hook that seamlessly integrates a bottle opener into its design.

As with all things The James Brand, the Midland is impressively sleek and minimal. There are absolutely no excess or frivolous features and has everything you need in a minimal key management solution, but nothing you don't. 

The pocket hook can go onto your belt loop or pocket edge, and it'll keep your keys comfortably and snugly suspended - instead of bunching up at the bottom of your pocket.

Milled from a solid block of titanium, the Midland has exactly zero moving parts, which means there's nothing to break or malfunction. Slim, compact, and minimal, it's the perfect key solution for the everyday purist in you.

  • Milled from a solid block of titanium
  • Strong, lightweight, minimal
  • Pocket hook and bottle opener
  • Length: 3.4"
  • Deep-carry proprietary design

Please note this keychain is on Last Call and is therefore final sale.

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