Matsey Hexbar - Titanium

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A Pry Above


When Maciej, the man behind The Matsey, sets out to design something, you can be sure that he will analyze it first from all angles. The same can be said for his newest creation - the HexBar. 

When setting out to design the HexBar, the task seemedquite simple - "to create a tool that will perform the two most important functions, prybar and bottle opener, and at the same time have a harmonic and geometric appearance." But many iterations later, the Matsey HexBar proves that even the simplest of designs require great attention to detail.

These details can be found first in the shape of the prybar. The hexagonal design, for which it is named, allows the prybar and bottle opener to be incredibly efficient while reducing hot spots. Additionally, small hexagons were used on the sides to provide increased grip and purchase while using either tool.  

Lastly, Maciej even allowed for the inlay to be swapped by the user - making sure that you always have complete control over your carry. So, pre-order your Matsey HexBar today and start owning your carry.

  • Designed by The Matsey 
  • Machined from solid titanium
  • Exquisite design and performance
  • Compact keychain/pocket tool
  • All-purpose pry
  • Bottle Opener
  • Milled sides for increased grip
  • Swappable inlay
  • Dimensions: 3.55" (90 mm) x 0.8" (20 mm) x 0.2" (3 mm)
  • Weight - 2.5oz


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