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Pre-Order: Rollspin Mokuti Top (Custom) (Pre-Order Ends 6/21, Ships early September)

Mokuti Roll and Spin

Note: This pre-order is now closed. It is still scheduled to ship early September. If you ordered additional items along with your order, they'll ship all together in early September. Thank you!

The RollSpin Pocket Top is a spinning top with a difference. As its name cleverly suggests, it combines the mesmerizing spinning capabilities of a top with a rolling anti-stress ball. Now, you can spin and roll anytime and anywhere at your own convenience.

Precision machined from Mokuti (an alluring titanium alloy) the RollSpin features a perfectly spherical tip made from tungsten. This allows for minimal frictional resistance, and when combined with its low center of gravity, allows for an impressively long and smooth spin.

In addition, the RollSpin has a rotating ball built into the handle. This anti-stress ball can be used as a fidget device, to help with your concentration while thinking. It also serves as a more wholesome alternative to bad habits such as smoking or nail biting in stressful situations. 

Highly pocketable, beautifully machined, and wonderfully versatile - the RollSpin Pocket Top is the perfect addition to your pocket carry. Treat yourself to one today and never be bored again.

  • Machined from Mokuti
  • Combines a spinning top with an anti-stress ball
  • Features a rotating anti-stress ball in the handle
  • Tungsten tip for smooth spinning
  • Compact and highly pocketable
  • 1.1" (2.794cm) & 1.1" (2.794cm)

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