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Yamato Club Monthly Membership

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$ 9
$ 9

All aboard!

Making its way to port, the Yamato Club will be docking for a few short days to pick up its crew, supplies, and passengers for its maiden voyage. So, don your gear, pack your bags, and get ready to board the SS Yamato Club – Urban EDC’s exclusive member’s only club.

There’s no secret handshake (yet) but that doesn’t mean passage into the Yamato Club is free. You must prove your gear enthusiasm at the door, or walk the gas-station-knife gang plank. But what awaits you inside you ask? Well, only access top-tier exclusive gear, interactive community chat, a certified Buy/Sell/Trade marketplace, and even the chance to shape the future of our brand.

Essentially, boarding the Yamato Club is like unlocking a door to a secret underground for those that can’t get enough EDC gear, community, and collaboration. It is the culmination of everything we've done since we opened shop in 2015 including relationships with our network of suppliers, reputation within the everyday carry community, and of course, our strong ties to the talented makers who continue to amaze us with their skills.

Once on board, you will choose your character. You can opt for the Kappa – a fledgling here onboard the Yamato Club, but fierce and harmful when not respected. The Kappa membership ensures you access to behind-the-scenes content, club-exclusive sales, group buys, and even a certified buy, sell, trade!

Wanting to show your commitment to gear right out of the gate? Then the Wani is your character. But be warned - membership is limited, and there is an application to join. Being a Wani ensures you early access to our latest gear, a perpetual 2x Compass Points multiplier, a private channel for gear discussions and maker convos, as well as the ability to work alongside us to shape the future of the EDC Community. To be considered for Wani membership, please fill out this form.

Here is the full list of benefits for each membership level:

Kappa - $9 Monthly 

• Announcements
• Behind-the-scenes content
• Invitations to exclusive events
• Secret sales + extra goodies
• Yamato Club exclusive gear buys
• Yamato Club Buy/Sell/Trade Marketplace
• Private channel for Kappa members
• Priority support
• First dibs on Wani spots

Wani - $99 Monthly

Unlock everything in Kappa plus:
• $99/month store credit
• Early Access to Gear Drops (3 hours)*
• 2x Compass Points multiplier on purchases
• Private channel for Wani members
First dibs on Yamoto Club exclusives
Help shape the future of Urban EDC

We cannot wait for the ship to dock safely, and to invite everyone on board.

For more information on this exclusive Yamato Club membership, you can visit Yamato.Club.

*Early access is given for most inventory. Some exclusions apply.