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RJR EDCreations

RJR EDCreations Natural Micarta Ring with Zirconium Liner (Custom)

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The Ring Maketh the Man

Please note: This ring is available in size 9.75 only. 

Whether it’s your wedding band or a bold fashion accessory, your ring sends a resounding message. Since time immemorial, rings have been worn to signal status, commitment, and allegiance. It’s time to make your personal statement with the custom designed RJR EDCreations micarta ring with an exquisite zirconium liner.

Combining two modern-day marvels, the RJR EDCreations ring features a gorgeous micarta exterior and zirconium inner liner. The micarta exterior is virtually indestructible, while the sleek zirconium liner is incredibly lightweight and durable. With time, the micarta will darken and develop a beautiful patina. 

Carefully crafted in the USA to the highest standards by Randy Robertson, the sleek and stylish RJR EDCreations ring is bound to be a reliable lifelong companion that will accompany you through every escapade and adventure.

  • Custom made from micarta and zirconium
  • Available in size 9.75
  • Width: 8mm
  • Lightweight, strong and durable
  • Sleek, simple and stylish
  • Perfect for everyday wear
  • Made in the USA

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