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TiKron Ti Damascus Lanyard Bead

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Modern Marvel

The greatest innovations often arise when passion meets curiosity, and that is exactly how this intricate Titanium Damascus lanyard bead came to be.

Ti Damascus, which is made out of titanium and titanium alloys, does not rust or oxidize and it's also scratch-resistant. It’s impervious to acids, alkalis, human sweat and it’s a hypoallergenic material that does not cause allergies. These lanyard beads are not only stunning but also exceptionally durable and will last you a lifetime. 

The story behind the creation of these intricate beads is also fascinating. The 3 engineers that make up TiKron invented a new technology of diffusion welding of metals, which made it possible to make Ti Damascus that is much better and stronger than analogues produced elsewhere in the world.

They have further dedicated an entire year to improving and refining the technology. The result is these gorgeously layered and vibrant Damascus titanium lanyard bead that combine unmatched durability with performance. Add one to your everyday carry for added functionality and beauty.

Note: Paracord not included. Please see additional photos for a closer look at each model.

  • Ti Damascus material
  • Dimensions: 15mm in width, 15mm-20mm in length
  • Propriety technology of diffusion welding
  • Does not rust, oxidize or react to acids, alkalis and sweat
  • Scratch-resistant and lightweight
  • Beautifully layered with depths and swirls

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