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Inventery Mechanical Pen

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Perfection In Every Stroke

The Inventery Mechanical Pen oozes elegance and class. It forgoes trends and extraneous details and focuses exclusively on providing you with a writing experience unlike any other. When you’re ready to make your mark, this is the pen you want in your pocket.

Precision machined from a single solid brass rod, the Mechanical Pen features an exquisite unibody construction. This means no unsightly breaks, just clean and flowing lines throughout along with a beautiful heft and balance. A subtle flat surface feature prevents the pen from rolling off of your writing desk.

Under the hood, it’s just as impressive, if not more so. Instead of flimsy plastic parts, it comes with an all brass click mechanism by Schmidt which allows for a smooth and silent click and instant one-handed operation. Combined with the famed Schmidt cartridge, it lays down a silky smooth line for the best writing experience.

Each Mechanical Pen is unique and marked with an individual serial number. Choose from an intriguing black oxide finish or the classic brushed chrome for a clean and elegant look. It’s time for you to invest in a writing instrument that will offer a lifetime of enjoyment and performance.

  • Brushed Chrome, Brass, or Onyx
  • Weight: 57g
  • Length: 12.5cm / 5”
  • Diameter: 11mm
  • Precision Machined
  • Schmidt P8126 Capless Rollerball
  • Schmidt SKM88 Push Button mechanism

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