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Rebels Refinery Skull Soap - 3 Pack

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Clean To The Bone

If you think that beauty products are boring, bland, and predictable pastel - think again. The Rebel Refinery Skull Soap takes something familiar and gives it a much-needed shot in the arm. With this one-of-a-kind memento mori of a soap - you’ll never take washing up for granted ever again.

The Rebel Refinery Skull Soap is available in activated charcoal soap, which helps draw toxins from the skin and eliminate acne and blackheads. It will not dry out your skin and most importantly, the Skull Soap just makes you feel cooler and gives you something to look forward to every time you take a bath.

The Skull Soap is also available in clear glycerin which is moisturizing and effective for all different types of skin. Glycerin soaps are especially good for eczema or psoriasis because they do not irritate the skin. This is also the longest lasting soap from Rebel Refinery, so they will last you a long time.

Whether you are a rebel or a refined gentleman, you will definitely appreciate the humor, thought, and dedication that goes into each of the Rebel Refinery products. Everything is created from the highest quality natural ingredients and consistently outperform the synthetic offerings pervasive in the industry.

  • Comes in a 3-pack
  • Activated charcoal draws toxins from the skin and eliminates acne and blackheads
  • Clear glycerin for moisturizing effect and suitable for sensitive skin
  • Highest quality natural ingredients

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