Tietz Design Atlas Key Hook - Brass

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Solid Brass Key Hook

Fittingly reminiscent of Atlas, the mythological Titan who holds up the world and the sky, the Tietz Design Atlas Key Hook is a robust brass key hook that also doubles as a bottle opener.  If you’re on the hunt for a better way to carry your keys, the Atlas Key Hook is what you need.

With its solid brass construction and unique one-piece design, the Tietz Design brass key hook is impressively strong, solid and elegant. And with time, the brass body will take on a stunning patina that is unique to your usage patterns. In addition, the extra strut serves as a reinforcement for extra strength, while a bottle-opener is cleverly integrated into its design. 

Designed from ground-up for unmatched performance and reliability, 3D-printed for accuracy and then custom machined from solid brass, the Atlas Key Hook combines modern technology and materials with time-honored American craftsmanship. It’s time to add one to your belt-loop or pocket and streamline your keychain carry for the better with this EDC key hook.

  • Custom machined from solid brass
  • Strong, durable and will develop a patina
  • Hooks discreetly on your belt-loop or pocket
  • Perfect for organizing your keys 
  • Comes with an integrated bottle-opener
  • Weight: 24 grams
  • Made in USA

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