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Darriel Caston

Pre-Owned: Darriel Caston Space-X Double Pump Flipper - Titanium (Custom)

Out of This World Folder

Condition: Excellent

3, 2, 1, take-off. Developed as a possible company knife for SpaceX (yes, you read that right), the SpaceX DP Flipper is both intricately complex yet startling simple. It’s a bold, modern take on the traditional pocket knife elevates the art of knife-making into the stratosphere.

Immediately noticeable is the complex 6-face grind with a machined fuller that runs the length of the blade. Not only does the fuller add visual depth to the blade, but it also makes deployment a breeze. Made from corrosion-resistant CTS-XHP stainless steel, the 6-face grind blade is highly effective and versatile because of its 2 separate edges which lend itself beautifully to all manners of cuts. 

Nestled in the multi-faceted titanium handles is a double-pump, half stop mechanism on the blade for safety. It allows an initial stop at 90 degrees (akin to a slip joint) when opening or closing, effectively protecting and preventing the blade from slamming shut on your fingers. 

This exquisitely crafted blade is completed by an equally stunning pocket clip that features multiple machined surfaces, angles and curves. The best thing is how every visual and functional element comes together and form a wonderfully intricate yet ostensibly sensible everyday blade. If this is the knife of the future, sign us up right now.

  • Developed as a company knife for SpaceX 
  • CTS-XHP blade steel
  • Solid titanium handles
  • Friction folder with half-stop
  • Machined titanium pocket clip
  • Opened length: 5.25"
  • Closed length: 3.25"
  • Made in the USA

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