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Marketplace Payout Table

Our Marketplace is a consignment business model. Payment back to the seller occurs after an item has sold on our Marketplace. The payout total is based on the selling price of each item. We'll work carefully with you to determine the selling price of your item. We'll never update or change the price without your permission.

Under $100: Not eligible
$100-$199: 60%
$200-$399: 65%
$400-$599: 70%
$600-$1,999: 75%
$2,000-$2,999: 80%
$3,000-$3,999: 85%
$4,000+: 90%

The percentage represents the amount of cash back you will receive from the final selling price. For example, an item sold at $100 will receive 60% cash back, or $60. An item sold at $2,000 will receive 80% cash back, or $1,600. Any sales over $4,000 will net 90% of the total sale.

You may also decide to receive store credit instead of cash back. In this case, you'll receive an additional 5% bonus on top of your regular payout. For example, if your item sold at $1,000 you can choose to receive 75% cash back ( $750) or receive 80% back in store credit ($800). Store credit never expires so feel free to use it whenever you'd like!

If you have any questions, please shoot us a note to hi@urbanedcsupply.com and we'll gladly help you out!

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