Aerocrafted Fairing Keychain Stash

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Designed and crafted by aerospace engineers, the Aerocrafted Fairing Keychain Stash is a no-nonsense, highly refined, and ingeniously engineered EDC titanium keychain stash that gets the job done. 

Intended as an ever-present backup, the Fairing Keychain Stash lets you stash away a few folded bills, medication, or even matches in the event of an emergency. The idea is to keep the Fairing Keychain Stash separate from your wallet or bag such that if they were lost or stolen, you'd still have cash on hand to bail yourself out of a tight spot.

Meticulously machined from a combination of solid titanium/bronze and titanium/polymer – the Fairing Keychain Stash has all grounds covered. Bronze will develop a unique patina over time, while carbon-reinforced polymer keeps the weight to a minimum without sacrificing strength or durability.

Another unique twist is the absence of any O-rings because they deteriorate with age and eventually fall apart. Instead, the Fairing Keychain Stash relies on insanely-tight tolerance threads with conical mating surfaces for unmatched sealing. 

  • Machined from titanium/bronze or titanium/polymer
  • Waterproof and durable to keep your stash safe and dry
  • Lightweight, rugged, and versatile
  • Dimensions: 2.07" x 0.475" (5.2578 cm x 1.2065 cm)
  • Weight: Titanium/Bronze: 0.47 oz, Titanium/Polymer: 0.31 oz
  • Made in the USA

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